johnny and Adele. Time relationship without a single word.

after Hearing the shrill whistle of the car, she stepped back onto the sidewalk. Only now she noticed how one by one by cars, noise of the street, but her cigarette smoke from men with the law. Seeing imposingly smoke man, she flinched. She trimmed perfectly otvarennoy beige coat, pulled the glove, and turned his face, trying all kind show how nasty the presence of smokers in its airspace. She was afraid to look at him, that he would have something extra didn't not followed her, but my head was built devious schemes of violence. She began with a polite "Sorry, but there's no Smoking here," but immediately realized that this type immediately as it will begin to swing right, ask where it is written. Frantically sorting through in my head all the knowledge of the administrative code, it is understood that the option of losing a place at the pedestrian crossing where she was standing is not a public place, such as a stop, where Smoking is prohibited. The right to fresh air and in the end the health can infringe without any administrative consequences to piss her off more, How to show him that he is wrong, and acts like a pig?! Then she remembered the social advertising in one of the European countries, where cafes, in response to smoke neighbor at table, the visitor began to pass gas and the slogan: "don't mess up the air surrounding, or they can ruin it for you." Is she a bit amused, but afford to put a man on the place, she could not. Yes there the same, she could not even words to explain it, not blushing in shame. Speaking in the same vein about health and the dangers of Smoking, thinking that the man will die from cancer, she came to the house.
the Road to the office, had to take much less time than he originally planned. Before the negotiations had left 40 minutes. Vanessa was still early to discuss the presentation of their joint project. To tell the truth, it was entirely his project, all you do Vanessa - it was panicked, customized, criticized, gave valuable, as it seemed the instructions, but none of them were implemented in the final version of the project. He didn't want to discuss anything, everything was so clear, and the extra wrapping before meeting with investors, he was useless. He was late. To sit at home and wait for my driver he could not. He needed at least some semblance of movement towards your goal. So he ordered the car to stop, left the house and walked rapidly across the Park. The paths walked children, women with strollers, and old ladies with dogs. He fingered in his pocket for a lighter, and not daring to smoke. As he reached the spot, the time left is even smaller, but the machines have not yet been. He moved away from the crowd, took out a cigarette and smoked, it calmed him down. Passed a woman in bright coat, anxiously typing something in the smartphone. She continued to go to the roadway without reducing speed. He wanted to tell her when frightened by the horn, she came back. Forgetting for a moment about the cigarette, he studied her. He saw after it happened, she frantically straightens his coat and pulls his glove, trying to hide your face from people gawking at her stop. He felt awkward, almost prevented the accident. As he watched, as she crosses the road, followed a car came. The time left before the meeting time, he thought, if it came to live at home. He missed.

johnny and Adele, they saw each other a few seconds, but were together for more than an hour, talked, argued, fought. Wished death and worried about health.
to be in a relationship with a man, we do not need to meet or even talk. But we are ready to fight, to defend or to try to be good in his eyes. Who is this man? Man stop? Or your boss? Maybe the husband? Father, Mother, ancestor? Who is the Other with whom you are in dialogue, left in an absolute vacuum?
Who you are for the people that are around. You do them in a relationship or they were the victim of imagination?
Relations is a masterly balancing on the thin line of reality between the imagination of two people.
Let us think about this!
Andriana S.
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