Тип личности и адаптации в Транзактном Анализе

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to the effectiveness of communication and interaction with the people switched to a more qualitative level, a person must know their characteristics. First of all, it features his personality type, and the type of personality adaptations possessed by everyone without exception. Master, you can learn to determine what type of personality the person with whom you interact, to identify his true desires and possible difficulties that should get in communication.

just wanted to note that few people fit into pre-defined patterns, and usually is a mix of several personality types. The line "pure" personality type can be found very rarely, so we can say that, as there are people, there are so many different ratios and combinations of personality types. It is important to say that there is no "good" and "bad" types and adaptations. Every type of personality and adaptation has its strengths and weaknesses, which, if desired, can be adjusted.

In theory, SHE discusses the 6 types of personality – hysteric, obsessive-compulsive, schizoid, passive-aggressive, paranoid, antisocial.

Understanding of its features enables us not only to understand themselves but also gives knowledge of what qualities to cultivate for successful interaction, to analyze the feelings we experience most often and how these feelings are true and how to deal with people who act on the basis of the negative aspects of your personality type.

There are two types of adaptations that form a personality type.

  • the First type of adaptation of this adaptation survival. It is formed at an early stage from 0 to 18 months. At this stage schizoid, paranoid and antisocial type.
  • the Executive adaptation. At this stage passive-aggressive, obsessive-compulsive and hysteroid type.

each person has at least one adaptation for survival and adaptation of one Executive expressed brighter than the other. (E.g. passive-agressivnyj schizoid).

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