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Article from the newspaper: the Weekly "Arguments and Facts" № 26 27/06/2018

Family psychologist Sergei Babushkin told the correspondent of "AIF"-NP" of what parents are men how to recognize a particular archetype and a child he can raise.

Family psychologist, business coach, skazkoterapii Sergey Babushkin told the correspondent of "AIF"-NP" of what parents are men in what movies we can find their prototypes.

"psychology and socionics there are several approaches, how to classify men and women, there are archetypes and Jung's teachings. But in talking about fathers I'd like to take the facial features of this section of psychology as therapy, and show them on the example of the movies", - explained Sergey. br>

the Most common archetype in Russia. The man-"warrior" a keen sense of justice. He can be aggressive in society, but at the same time, caring home. Of his sons, this father will try to educate too, "warriors", and daughters waiting for the custody, control, and protection to adult age. Just like Ned stark from "Game of thrones".

Most of these people are being implemented in the military, in law enforcement, in sports of high achievements. br>
Important point: every warrior has its own code. If the code is built correctly, and the life of this men is going well. However, if the code problems, the "warrior" of the defender of the weak can turn into a dangerous criminal element. Unfortunately, this often happens when little fighter growing up without a father or male mentor.

"If you understand that you have a son-"warrior", and his father belongs to a different archetype or he is not involved in education, then do not despair. Try to find him a suitable trainer or teacher. The archetype of the "warrior" necessary "warrior"-mentor", - explained Sergey Babushkin.

the Film, which is most clearly represented this archetype: Ned stark from "Game of thrones".


Men belonging to this archetype are the real leaders. Strong, powerful, able to unite the people. br>
"Monarchs" it is very important to educate the heir, so their children they will try to give the best of everything. br>
However, this is quite a domineering personality. If they feel they are losing power, capable of inappropriate behavior. It's hard going through betrayal. Usually able to manage other archetypes, including "the warriors". The most striking example - the coach Anatoly Tarasov from the movie "Legend No. 17".

Peasant, artisan

These men it is important to do something with their hands. We're not talking about the "serfs", but about "rich peasants". The representatives of this archetype are usually hard-working people. As a rule, they sleep a little. The sun rose, and the man-"the farmer" immediately got down to business. They make wonderful fathers, not wasteful, but not greedy. Their children will necessarily learn the craft or work on earth. Usually the "peasants" are sedentary, do not like to move. A few choose once and for life. For these men is important, loyalty. "Farmers" strive to create a dynasty, passing children and grandchildren all their knowledge and skills. Strive to be the best craftsmen in the business. For example, as Yves Saint Laurent in the film of 2014.


nowadays this type can be called "player" or "entrepreneur." It is necessary to separate the archetype from the profession. br>
for Such people the process is important. They love to experiment, to play, able to put everything on the line. Of course, this type Jordan Belfort, who is played brilliantly by Leonardo Di Caprio in "the Wolf of wall Street".

"This archetype is very attractive to women, but, unfortunately, it is often unreliable for life, - said the psychologist. - the Children they are often not interesting. Only if we manage to transform the process of education in some game, then the merchant, you may try on the role of the father". br>
These people know how to throw dust in the eyes, to captivate and to succeed. Don't like to sit still. "Merchants" often change their beliefs: first, say one thing and two days later is another. And in all that he says he believes, yet again does not change course. His actions for the people often look like betrayal, but he those their actions, not believes. For him it's a game.
Movie: "the Wolf of wall Street".


Man was a Minister of some idea. He chose her and will carry to the end.

Their children, "monk" seeks to educate as successors of the idea. Not necessarily talking about religion. Is a powerful people with a well-constructed system of values, which they give to children. On the one hand, it's great. Often, however, the "monks" sinks material side. Money and wealth have little interest in them. They need the same ideological woman who prepared that material goods will not in the first place. br>
"Representatives of this archetype it is difficult to have children, they often believe that the will of a higher power, - explained Sergey Babushkin. Their children, they will love, to care, but even the appearance of heirs will not change their relationship to material matters".

they can Also be committed to make the world a better place, and their idea in the moment may seem crazy, but after a while its implementation can propel all of humanity!

Most clearly the character type represented in the image of Vladimir Garanin from the movie "moving up!".

Scientist, philosopher

unlike the monk, this archetype is important not to serve, and to prove some theory or doctrine. Children to them as successors. If the child is in the same warehouse, then the relationship with the father will be perfect. The baby will be a welcome disciple-a follower.

If the archetypes do not match, you may have problems. "The scientist" grieved, when his theory of rejected. It is important for him to do something that will change humanity. Otherwise there might be a prolonged depression and even binges. It is also important that the spouse, or at least someone who considered him the most intelligent and his ideas are brilliant.

This archetype is undeservedly underestimated. "Such men choose their woman and serve her all my life. The same is true of the child. Family for them in the first place, - said the psychologist. - Dedicated and loyal - it's about the archetype of the "servant." However, in society they are often called henpecked husbands. If for women it is important that it be successful, then so be it. However, one should not expect that the "servant" will be the President or owner of a large company. It is still a lot of "monarchs". But the relatives will try to provide whatever they ask.".

This Pope may well be the Prince-the beast from "beauty and the beast".

Fathers and sons

"it is Important to know the archetype of the Pope and the archetype of the child, especially if we are talking about the relationship with his son. If the father is "servant" and son - "the warrior", then they will have conflicts. Way - to look son-"warrior" mentor-"the warrior". And dad to accept that his son is the archetype of the other. You also have to understand that in our time of clean facial features a little, they are more often mixed. If you find it difficult to understand who is who, then contact the professional psychologists", - tells Sergey Babushkin

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