Типы сновидений.

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1. Dreams as wish fulfillment. You something very much want, there is no way to accomplish what you want? Get-sign) Here you are in the Maldives, buy a luxurious dress and may meet with the person with whom you have long dreamed to meet. Sometimes wishes come true in which you don't want and are afraid to admit.

2. Dreams as compensation. If in everyday life you have too one-sided installation and Outlook on life, then they will send something completely different you to look from a different angle. Workaholic and do not think of yourself outside of work? Meet dreams about relationships and love. Low self-esteem? Enjoy the dreams with beautiful and perfect heroes.

3. Dreams as the repetition of daily experience. Everyone knows the dreams that seem to continue neperezhitye day situation. Something left unsaid, or led you not behave as we would like. And in the dream the situation is repeated. But do not lose vigilance. Such dreams also makes sense to analyze, they indicate pressing.

4. Dreams-nightmares. You can talk about them for a long time, but as a rule, a terrible haunting figure in these dreams is our shadow. That is the part of ourselves that we ourselves do not want to admit. Work with sleep AIDS to take these pieces, make them conscious and therefore manageable. An important incident to be a dream in which you allow yourself to come into contact with this figure. Not to run away, and go to meet her. Amazingly, often nightmarish image suddenly transformered into something absolutely harmless!

5. Recurring dreams. The subconscious signals you about an important issue that must be addressed. Somewhere you go against yourself and that hurt. If these dreams have not received proper attention and your setup remains the same, expect more unpleasant consequences of the disease (psychosomatics) or a difficult situation, which will force you to turn in the right direction.

6. Prophetic dreams. Someone in them trusts, someone thinks a work of fiction, but the fact that such dreams are. During sleep you enters the world of the subconscious, so those who have a good relationship with the collective unconscious may open a piece of the future. To me such dreams are not to be removed, because my personality type is focused on the perception of reality, but some people can see them quite often. Change the prediction of this dream can only radically changed the views, values and their lives. Not external actions, and it is through deep inner work. I believe that with this dream it is possible to work as with normal sleep, probably will reveal the meaning of what is happening, at least for you. Although it is believed that to dismantle it is not necessary. Listen to yourself.

7. When dreams... no Dreams to act all, it's science. But remember them, not all. Contact with the unconscious is broken. Where to begin its recovery? Installation to remember the dream when going to bed. Upon awakening, write down all the fragments of phrases, images which remain in the memory, the feelings from the dream or immediately after waking up. And you can just think of dreams. It is also greetings from the unconscious. Over time you will become to remember your dreams.

In dreams we often repeat the same patterns of behaviour as in daily life. Even thought we also. Therefore, all significant changes in the way of thinking, in behavior, in life a dream foreshadows. If you suddenly began to have dreams where you act unusual, new way,it is quite possible in reality, your behaviour and reactions to change, and thus life will come with the thumb track.

Familiar to you described the types of dreams? May want to add something?
Mikhailenko Elena
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