Типы темперамента: Меланхолик, Флегматик, Сангвиник, Холерик.


Types of temperament: Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Sanguine, Choleric.

Temperament do not learn from him are born. It is a combination of specific features of the nature of neural processes and behavior. All this is manifested in thinking, speech, manner of communication. While these features do not affect our interests, success, intelligence, business acumen.

the First who began to study and introduced the concept of temperament was the ancient physician Claudius Galen. He explained that this is one of the components of the human psyche, with which he is born. It is very important to life not contrary and did not try to change the temperament. Then personal development will occur harmoniously and easily.

further to the study of temperament joined Pavlov I. P., He drew attention that the temperament depends on the activity of the nervous system.
based On his observations, we can draw the following conclusions:

Melancholic weak, unbalanced, they have a sedentary type of nervous system.

Choleric unbalanced, unrestrained and movable, which indicates a strong type of the nervous system.

Phlegmatic, inert, calm, strong and is a balanced type of nervous system.

Sanguine – moving, they are alive with a balanced nervous system.

Here's a short description of the temperament with positive and negative qualities with examples of famous personalities.

Melancholic is introverted and emotionally sensitive perfectionists. These were: Ia from the cartoon Winnie the Pooh, Gogol V., M. Yu Lermontov, Tchaikovsky P. I. Barash of children.

Their positive qualities: Sensitive, warm-hearted, perceptive, and Executive.
Negative qualities of the melancholic: Vulnerable, insecure, reserved, shy, slow work, unsure.

Phlegmatic is a peaceful and peace-loving introverts who live to please others. These were: Crocodile Gena cartoon "Cheburashka".
Krylov I. A., Kutuzov, M. I., Newton, I., the Hedgehog and the pin from the cartoon Smeshariki.

Their positive qualities: Sociable and not touchy, calm in relationships and is persistent.
Negative qualities of the Phlegmatic: Inert, inactive, he needs time to focus.

Sanguine — people are noisy and talkative; it's open and emotional social extroverts. These were: Mowgli, Geozen A. I., Bonaparte N., Nyusha, Savonia and Kar-karych from the cartoon Smeshariki.

Their positive qualities: Moveable, easy going and tolerate a new, communicative, joyful and kind. Their facial expressions and panchnama say it all without words.
Negative qualities of the Sanguine: Monotonous, prone to self-absorption, sharp, not diligent and not pushy.

Choleric — is proud extroverts, the real "alpha" of humanity. These were: Carlson from the movie baby and Carlson, 1 Peter, Pushkin, Suvorov A. V., croche and Moose from the cartoon Smeshariki.

Their positive qualities: Active, energetic, communicative and decisive, convincing speech.
Negative qualities of the Choleric: is Cyclical and experiences, quick-tempered, sharp in relationships, erratic behavior.

As you can see, there is no good or bad temperament, each has positive and negative qualities with which to work and smooth out.

Knowing the temperament, it's easy to formulate an individual approach and gently affect the temperament. However, actions must be separated from the negative sides of the medals of a temperament and to maintain the positive side.

has a Very negative effect when slow and quiet man driven to extreme environments.
In fact, when you RUB the exposure to get the best result.

it is Important not only to develop a specific set of influences, but to address them the development period, which is the most favorable for the manifestation of individual typological properties.

I am of the opinion that the pure temperament no in real life, however, one of the types will have an advantage over others. In addition, I must say that there are no good or bad temperament. Everyone has negative and positive qualities.

to Find it easy enough to go through a classic test of by the method of Eysenck. Also bonus show: are You an Extrovert or an Introvert.

Temperament in the cartoon Madagascar

MELANCHOLIC - Melman Mankiewicz
Mistrust, feeble, cowardly and not strong giraffe.
He is afraid of everything new. A change of scenery for him is comparable to hell.
He does not carry a negative evaluation, and the punishment is comparable to the end of the world.
Slightly freaking out and obsessed with medicine. Germs are everywhere, and they poison his life, constantly complains about his health. Even on their spots, but bravely takes them on himself.
He jealously loved Gloria but were afraid to confess his feelings due to his shyness. The giraffe moved to tears easy, he roars crocodile tears, out of the blue.

PHLEGMATIC – (it's Behemoth, beloved giraffe), Gloria
romantic nature, without complexes and embarrassment, always says what he thinks. A woman - fire who loves the water. Calm, slow, has a strong desire, persistence to it not to occupy. It features perseverance in the work, however, remains calm and balanced.
looks almost never expresses his emotions and feelings. She chatters, says Anne, facial expressions.
However, Gloria is very loyal to his friends, although with great difficulty, finds a friend. Gloria loving, prefers not to risk it.

Meet Christopher Marty – SANGUINE.
Unique fun Zebra filled with a storm of energy, agility, radiant smile. Always responsive and talkative. Loves to spend cool time easy meets.
Marty loves to travel and appreciates the freedom, it is easy to tolerate change without them starts to fade and sad.

the lion king or just Alex – CHOLERIC.
Smart, savvy, fast, forgiving. Likes to impress their friends. A bit spoiled and selfish, but not sitting on the ground.

Katerina Burdaeva
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