Тирания, деньги и любовь. Случай из практики.

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She worked like a horse to get out of finansovoi of the pit, which turned out to be. 

Good job, a prestigious position. According to the documents, a good salary. But the money has disappeared, as the paint under the acetone. And again it could not afford. 

Tired of life, from the eternal lack of money and time, not seeing any sense in anything she asked me for help. 

When you live only to work, sooner or later there comes a breakdown. The need for joy and pleasure is as important and natural as the need for food, water and fresh air. Physically you can survive. Psychologically, you gradually die. 

You work to afford more, but in the end, buying is not what's really important, and something to get at least some pleasure. The hour, minute, second - if only a little to feel the life. But again, get a surrogate. 

to get Drunk with imaginary friends to substitute for proximity.
Buy blouse, which will be admired - to the surrogate of love. 
to Go to an expensive restaurant to get a substitute set.

False. False. Props. 

You can't get no satisfaction and I try to take more. More booze, more blouses, more "friends". No time to look around, get in the credits. And here you have plow just to to give them. Deny yourself everything, just to achieve their freedom.  And then - Bang. And then stall. 

You run around this circle as a circus horse and do not see a way out. Waiting for the trainer will leave you, finally, and release into the wild. But he is cruel and merciless. He doesn't care about your needs. He needed money, and he will exploit you till your last breath. 

This tyrant will never leave your life. After all, he lives inside of you. He is you. And your attitude. Yourself. 

During our work together, my client figured out where it appeared the tyrant. She nurtured him from childhood, from the moment when I decided that I will never be like her worthless father. Joy, pleasure, excitement - as a child, she thought with an alcoholic father allows himself too many. 

the Rejection of the joys of saw that little girl the only way to live your life differently. She doesn't stint on the harsh words in your address and hit himself with whip for every momentary weakness, because they reminded myself of my father. 

 growing up, she began to earn decent money. But completely repulsed at the understanding of what really brings pleasure and happiness in life. 

Discouragement, depression, and attempts to shut something this hole led to financial problems, which in turn increased depression. 

I was his client by the hand to these realizations. And realizing this, she no longer wanted to return to that arena. Then we decided to look for her lost joy. But first I taught her how to be caring towards yourself. 

the more support, care and love she showed to my dearest person, the weaker was the domestic tyrant. Gradually her life began to enter the moments of joy. At this time, sincere joy that fills that make life happy and meaningful.

She is forgiven and accepted of his father and saw a new meaning in the money. Now she needed to please yourself. And she took the time. It therefore revised its work schedule and began to devote yourself time for happiness. 

she had passion, through which she met her man, and now they are preparing for the wedding. 

the rejection of the joys and pleasures is a common mistake of people who are not satisfied with their financial situation. People start to bully yourself, put life off for later, and eventually drive themselves into a corner. 

If you responded to the story of my client, and you also want to improve their financial situation, contact us. 

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