Тишина - единственный простор...


Imagine a man, which with wild speed rushes to the Hermitage, turns his head, trying to cast on the run picture look. Or, maybe a tour when people are in a hurry rushing from one tourist attraction of the ancient town to another... Or, finally, the modern businessman who always not enough time. So the woman he was kissing, looking at his watch. Ridiculous, right? But you can get more done. To catch what? In one science fiction story the main characters are half machine, the demigods have the ability lightning travel in space. Lo! They in a moment could accommodate a visit to the seven wonders of the world. Or seven beautiful distant stars. Discover boundless opportunities, they embraced the dream – to embody the beauty of the Universe at once.

well, I guess the gods this was. ...When our lives came the Internet, we are almost equal with the gods. How to eat beautiful music, no matter how talented created poems, paintings, dances, sandsome pictures, galleries and sculptures, no matter how grown unique of orchids, rare trees or butterflies – everything becomes my wealth. I endlessly can now consider new pictures. I can listen and listen to the greatest musicians in the world. Or read unreleased, unnamed, but such a talented line... again and again. And then another. Because this is a video I haven't watched yet. Because the guy is so great he can draw feet. And yesterday the whole town was festive, because the asphalt there is a touching drawings of mice, gnomes, and sea... And a must see pictures of a friend from my trip to Italy. And order a new book from your favorite author. He writes now? He and his wife broke up? How is she was the wife? And where was the concert? Who is making a film on this script? Why is it taking so long on the screen? Does the theatre will be left without a building? The divine fullness. An inexhaustible stream. Which is just enough. Only reason hollow.

...When my children were young, I sometimes thought about how to tell them about the main thing. How to give them the feeling of happiness that quietly grows in the soul from the sight of the starry sky. Or that picture of the street artist made me stop and forget about business. Only one left this evening the Volga river with distant lights. Or - the smell of the autumn forest... What kind of magic? How it happens? So close and so quickly. The fact that it is impossible to feel in the pursuit of new experiences. That has nothing to do with the number of videos watched on YouTube. That comes only in silence. Only if I cease to run and not trying to grasp the immensity. Look into only the present. What will not tell. What knows the heart. But if I can't stay if day after day tirelessly trying to come everywhere in time to watch, learn, listen, this is excessive absorption of new information is affected by increasing fatigue and emptiness. Because as well as nutrition for the body should be balanced and the quality and experience that feeds the soul. Any information flow, whether it is itself Scripture that requires domestic processing for learning, for emotional saturation. And when we live by the principle "do not eat, so Ponamareva," we are robbing ourselves. Being in illusion life to the fullest and not getting the most valuable - the innermost feelings of happiness from the contact with the silence. ...Because "silence is the only space where the spirit spreads its wings" (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

Olga Pchelnikova
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