do you Consider yourself a sexual person? Why do you have a sexuality and that it gives? What you can't afford in real life, but only in their fantasies and dreams? How frightened you with your desires? To be sexy it's embarrassing, scary, offense, dirty, or beautiful, attractive and natural for you?

did you know that female sexuality until the end and not studied? The woman may experience the pleasure that much deeper in intensity than men, and orgasms remains a mystery. Women sexuality has a huge creative potential and resources. The woman may experience a much greater variety of orgasms than men. Women have the only body – the "Clit", which is designed only for pleasure and enjoyment. So why, even in our days, the theme of femininity and sexuality or devalued tabourets? What is the secret and divine resource keeps female sexuality?

We live in a Patriarchal world where everything is subordinated to the development, achievement, progress, competition or, in analytical parlance, "phallic" of omnipotence. A modern woman who, for whatever reasons, chooses its own path of development in the male principle, earning money or building a career, at some point feels and realizes that her "female trouble" it is impossible to appease or allow satisfied. I have no objection to a woman earning money if it's for pleasure and not draining it. Woman by nature is capable of many things, the question is, whether it fills it, gives her joy and pleasure.

Why is important for a woman to be filled with? The first sexual object for both boy and girls, is the mother. "The first after God" - the mother's breast" - says one famous proverb. In what emotional state is mother, the same will be and her children and the Luggage they go through life. Motherhood is a great joy, pleasure and a great responsibility.

If the "main" purpose of the woman once clear, on the other hand a lot of dark spots. In history there are two archetypal images of women, Lilith and eve. From Lilith – unlimited freedom, and eve is tied to a man and completely subordinated to him as the flesh of his flesh, born from his rib. Lilith is the first wife of Adam, created by God before eve. Created, like Adam, from clay (or from fire), she felt equal to him and immediately began to argue with him, refusing even to go under it. Lilith symbolizes the opposite direction of femininity. Sex interested in Lilith, primarily as a method of enjoyment and not as a way to conceive a child ( unlike eve), then to devote himself to the family. Lilith represents the dark male traits, the embodiment of temptation and desire. Religion is also Patriarchal, as well as power. The woman considered something unclean and mankind has forgotten how to worship the Mother. Each of the women lives of Lilith and obedient, good eve.

For me, women and men are polar and complementary concepts. Femininity is self-sufficient and "fallicy" in nature, as well as "fallicy" masculinity. And to have women's sexuality is to possess female "vallicella". Society has always had a fear of women's power, passion and independence, struggling with the aspect of Lilith in each of the women. In our psyche often played out the conflict between the demands of morality and satisfied animal nature, and the most intense problem is repressed sexuality sanctimonious morality.

Sexuality is a natural and very important area of our lives. All mental problems are reduced to sexual connotations. A woman that knows and enjoys their sexuality and sensuality is a lot more jealousy and aggression in his address, than just a beautiful woman. Such women often spread nasty rumors and are trying to devalue. As a rule, a woman who met his "animal" nature and able to get pleasure from it, is considered to be more mentally healthy and whole. A Vice can be beautiful and attractive in a sense. Mature, adult sexuality is fraught with many dangers, but the giver great pleasure and with great creative potential.

"People are generally insincere in sexual matters. They do not freely reveal their sexual experiences, but cover them in a thick robe, woven of lies, as if in a world of sexual always bad weather." CFreud

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Golovchenko, Olga
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