people feel hunger, if nutrients are long to enter the body. This physiological feature is quite natural. But there are other familiar ways to eat, when regardless of the time of eating, its "absorption" continues. It is about constant, increased appetite. Then comes gluttony, there is compulsive overeating. And, as a consequence, weight gain.

Causes of overeating, disruption of food.

  1. effects of diet.Many women keep themselves in the framework, want to get rid of the hated kilograms. Fond of different diets, limiting themselves to the correct products. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates is not balanced. In the process of weight loss, the body rapidly reacts to changes, does not agree with them. And when the torture ends, you receive the food breakdown. The body strives to return all that not had for a long time.
  2. Sleep.During sleep is produced by leptin is a substance responsible for the excitability of appetite. Due to lack of rest leptin production is reduced considerably, leading to feeling of hunger is felt constantly. If this sleep deprivation continues, it just manifests pronounced gluttony.
  3. the Violation of the emotional state.Many people simply seize negative emotions. If you look at their behavior at home, they literally do not depart from the fridge. Moreover, choose high-calorie foods. It turns out that the food in this case becomes a kind of sedative. In such a situation, it is first necessary to solve their problems in the office of a psychologist.
  4. Lack of vitamins. Increased appetite sharply in the cold season is the period when your body needs more food to keep warm. Moreover, the large role played by vitamin B, which are carrots, meat, cereals and legumes, cereals, vegetables. And if it is combined with a lack of amino acids and omegas , the hunger is always present. This leads to overeating, dietary upsets that can be repaired, if you normalize your daily diet.

Signs of overeating:

  • inability to objectively control the portion size;
  • the constant use of additives;
  • inability to perceive the point of saturation;
  • reduced mood and sense of guilt after the meal hit the spot.

What prevents to eat right;

  1. Food for monitor, TV, phone or music.
  2. Dishes with ready-made food is "at hand". The Supplement is then inevitable.
  3. Late sleep, when at 23.00 already felt a kind of emptiness in the stomach. And the apartment begins to slam the refrigerator door.

What to do?

do Not neglect Breakfast

  1. Always eat Breakfast. Morning meal helps the body to Wake up and activates the metabolism. And awaken yourself with a glass of cool water.
  2. 20-30 minutes after lifting, eat cottage cheese with berries or granola. It's good to train myself to eat cereal for Breakfast. Ie your Breakfast, there are fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates. Breakfast should be hearty

Normalize food

  1. Eat 5-6 times a day.
  2. With 3-4 main meals, warm – not cold, and 2-3 snacks.
  3. Customize menu every week, eat a varied! Pamper yourself, do not give up quite sweet in the first polocaine of the day you can eat light carbohydrates. But, everything in moderation.
  4. the diet should be cheese, eggs, cottage cheese, any degree of fat, dairy products. Need meat, seafood, beans, cereals, fish, berries , fruits and vegetables.


  1. it is Impossible to starve. Snack on healthy food.
  2. useful good snacking Apple, banana, pear, grapefruit (burns fat). You can eat low-fat cheese, dried fruit, nuts, but in moderation, a granola bar without sugar.

Eat dessert

  1. Sweets help the production of endorphins — hormones of happiness. If you remove all sweets from my diet - chocolate and marshmallow, etc., will appear apathy, reduced working capacity, the General condition will worsen .
  2. helps with dark chocolate. It needs to be in the fridge. The daily dose -30 gr. It can melt and water the fruits. And a lot of delicious work.

Drink water

  1. Raging appetite reduces pure water, and in fact, instead of eating the body can "ask" to drink.


  1. Physical activity reduces the hunger. Walk, swim, dance, etc.
  2. as effective workouts at home acts as the rope, Hoop, squats, lunges with dumbbells. Engage in video lessons.

so, from overeating to cope!

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