То, чего вы действительно заслуживаете в отношениях с любимым мужчиной


1. The feeling of safety and comfort

You deserve to feel completely safe with my beloved man. Deserve a feeling of comfort and relaxation next to him. It is only then your relationship will bring you joy and pleasure.

2. Regular plans and meetings

You deserve to have your man sincerely wanted to spend time with you. Deserve on your regular plans and meetings, not only on holidays and weekends. Deserve to be one of his priorities, it is very important to feel that you really appreciate and love. And it is the desire of men spending more time will give you understand the power of his feelings.

3. Jokes that only you understand

it is important to have a similar sense of humor with your loved one. Because if you have jokes that are understandable only to you both is capable of incredibly bring you closer together and will always help you to defuse various conflict situations that may arise.

4. Compliments to

You deserve to hear from their favorite men compliments and to see the delight when he looks at you. You deserve to feel incredibly desirable and attractive for him, to feel the woman he loved.

5. Real conversations

You deserve deep themes with your man, the fact that you opened up and shared their thoughts on various important topics. Be with a man who genuinely enjoys communicating with you and importantly with whom you really want to communicate you.

6. Sincere and deep feelings

Choose the one who is not afraid vrahati your emotions — even the strongest and most profound.

7. Dating and a little romance

You deserve to be invited on a real date and not just to his home for "tea" or "watch a movie". Your man at least sometimes have to arrange for you a romantic surprises, give flowers or some cute trinkets. After all, if he really loves you, then it will be only joy.

8. Trust

You deserve to be with a man that you trust completely. A man who always will support you and understand or at least try to understand why you are afraid to trust him. Remember that trust is the Foundation of any strong relationship, so you have every right to expect it.

9. Tranquility and no permanent drama

Love doesn't have to be dramatic. Don't know who invented this nonsense, that love without drama and "breaking dishes" is not real love. Never get fooled by it. You don't have to worry that after each small quarrel you can go. Remember, love is there is no drama, and moreover, that she should be. Of course, you can sometimes quarrel and interfere, but, in General, with your man you should be calm and confident.

10. Good sex

You do deserve to not only give pleasure to your man, but also to get maximum pleasure for himself. You deserve to know what your beloved really wants to give you true pleasure during your sex with him and your pleasure for it is as important as his own.

11. Open relationship

You deserve to have the man didn't hide your relationship with him, but rather proud of them and acquaint you with his relatives and friends. You deserve to be his achievement, not the most secret

12. Accepting you just as you are

Remember - you are enough just as you are. And do not believe those who want to convince you otherwise. Choose the man who will accept and love you with all of your strengths and, more importantly, disadvantages. And only then can you be happy in a relationship with such a man.

Believe that you really deserve such a relationship with your beloved man, and so be it. You'll see, good luck to you!

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