То, что разрушает отношения

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You people are neat, but people aren't things. And not to place, in accordance with your amenities.

the Inspector and the night (Inspector and Nesta)

Most of us sooner or later faces with desire to build serious strong and healthy relations with another person.

each of us may experience the need for love and adoption. Relationship is the best opportunity and an important condition for meeting these needs.

But, as we all know, relations is far not the easy in life. In them there is often a misunderstanding, quarrels, conflicts, relationships can be ended, completed, etc.

Therefore all we are afraid. Afraid to enter into a relationship, to begin, continue, and develop relationships. Afraid.

Because it is often not know how their save, do not know how to be in them, so that nothing is destroyed.

If the relationship is to work, and so, it is necessary first to understand for myself that it must be the work on growth and building cooperation and understanding, and not for destruction, which happens quite often.

so what destroys relationships?
  • Constant resentment about without it.

There is nothing worse than childish behavior in adult relationships. No matter who you are - male, female, or neither male nor female to be offended all the time - could increase the tension between you and your partner. And what is the end - all know.

  • Attempts to avoid dialogue, it is ignored.

If the partner wants to talk, the conversation is the best option for development. Of course, if it's a quiet conversation.

  • Waiting for something from your partner, without trying to communicate their needs.

No your thoughts are not able to read and should not.

  • depreciation of the needs of the partner.

the needs of each other should be respected, as well as values. Otherwise everything will end in the collapse.

  • Attempts to solve something for a partner, to push him to manipulate.

Remember! Happy may be only those relationships where people treat each other as equals worthy of the individual. Everything else - pseudostate and more talking about dependent relationships.

I Think that here are fixed "worst" moments, in my opinion. If you have something to Supplement write in the comments!

good relationships with each other!
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