То, что я думаю о себе не равно то, что другие думают обо мне


In recent years, faced with the fact that people need to write their strengths, their advantages, values and achievements. Many are lost and start to talk about yourself is standard and I have the feeling that they take the answers from the summary. And in addition to the working sphere, we are still in different spheres of life. Our values in different areas in something common and something different.

I'm a friend. I am an employee. I am a professional. I mom dad. I am the son daughter. I take sister. I am the nephew niece. I – aunt uncle. I'm godmother godfather. I spouse spouse. I am a simple passer-by on the street. And such our roles very much. And each role is a plus, its strong suit is its value.

We sometimes don't notice the values that we have. And often becomes for us a revelation that other people think about us. Often give to my clients to write 100 values themselves. However, not all manage)))) Then I ask you to seek the assistance of their friends, relatives, parents. Each time the result is impressive and is a delight. Surprise, there is no limit. People are not even aware of what their value to others and what they admire. For many was the discovery that they follow the example.

What I suggest?

to Write a letter to you dear man. The letter can be handwritten or printed. It may be "letter" as a message in one of the messengers. If you do not like to write letters, dictate audio message. No matter in what form you will message. It is important that it reached the addressee. In this case, the role played by the content of the letter. The form can be arbitrary and can have a structure.

Offer structure. Write what you like in a man: his qualities, some part of the body, some deeds or actions. Than you admire. Than inspired. He's an example for you. What for you is especially valuable. Perhaps something you are jealous of (in this case, I see jealousy as something I want to strive for and what I need to do, that envy as a motivator). If there are situations in life in which you remember this person and the thought of it helps you, also don't forget to write about it.

What else can you do in addition to this letter? It can take the form of a gift and called this gift "Inspired" or "Integratin" or "Box of spirits". I something like that gave one Agency: box, in which lay a wish for the coming year and a small bottle of the drink. In the box for the one you love you can put his favorite candy, chocolate, chewing gum :), sharing a photo, a postcard, a small object, which he likes (girls often like something from the office), a bag of delicious tea cookie. In General, a fantasy to help you.

it is Very important, if the mother would write a letter to his daughter. From personal experience I can share. My mom supported me and wrote a beautiful text about what I in her eyes. Many years have passed, and memories of this SMS is still a matter of warmth inside me and a smile on his face.

by the Way, man is also very pleased to receive such letters.

don't be lazy, make a nice family, and you will see how their gratitude, happiness and joy will know no bounds.

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