"rely on fate"
How do You feel about this statement?
How often do You rely on destiny?
Or more often struggle with it? br>
What the dog in the picture is closer to You now?

People in my practice are often taken aback by the question - whether it is necessary to make efforts in a certain subject, go through, overcome and fight or Vice versa - no need to fight?
of Course, much depends on the situation, from the question , from human resources , to its condition as a whole.

it is Very important, in my opinion, to keep track of the time when we are struggling and as if more still buried in his life's issues. br>
And, very important in this case is to stop digging. br>
When in practice, I noticed that human resources are on the wane, or has he already dug a sufficient "hole" that can't get out. When a person is disturbed, which can not dig, but can't get out..

so I suggest to stop digging. br>
Stop .. breathe... look around..
to Stay in this state.. to think.. or not think..
to Experience the process...
Process - as part of life. And, even as a part of the universe. br>
After all, "everything will pass.. and it's also" as it is written on the ring of Solomon..

Feel that all that happens is the process is very important. It helps to get out of the problem, step back, watch from the side.

to reduce the intensity. To leave alarm. br>
will have space for a new reflection.

Here is a dog digs and digs and doesn't even see that in front of the wall..Where it soon rested. If she stopped, raised his head, looked around... Perhaps it would be as it began to interact with the second dog that is. Perhaps I should've been born new, more productive story...

But while she continues to dig...I Wonder what she will come up with ? br>
And what about the other dog, which lies peacefully on the earth? The hassle friend it does not bother with the futility of action does not irritate. br>
It well and serenely. It is in reality, and she watches. She's not in the fight, she relies on fate. Further, it will change the action and go get their own food and look for shelter. Will live on.

But while she rests and looks at the world and bustling around. She doesn't waste extra power, as the other dog.

Sometimes it is necessary to be the dog. To catch the moment. To believe in fate. To calm down and to contemplate.

Olga Kharlamova
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