To disperse or to establish a relationship?


"Met a guy, started relationships, the child was born. In a moment the happiness collapsed from the news that he has another family. My body stiffening. What do I do now? To leave the child without a father, or to continue a relationship with him?"

this situation too often repeated. Why girls are so lightly and easily enter into a relationship with a man without knowing about him the whole story? How many movies and articles online on this topic, how many life stories of friends and family!

you Can endlessly blame the men in their infidelity and betrayal. Yes, guilty, Yes, irresponsible. But, ladies, do not shift the responsibility on others. Flying in the clouds from love and the surging happiness do not cease to keep "tabs on top".

so, what to do if it already happened?

First of all, not to blame yourself, consider stupid and idiotic and someone else bad. Love is the flight of the soul, is the feeling that pleasure makes breathing difficult. Immediately drawn picture of the future in the rainbow colors, not like the others. And that's fine, as it should be. And guilt that you love, no.

second, the situation is very bad even at first glance, but it was created by two people. Make out about her is that she gave you both.

it is Very important to sit down at the negotiating table, even if morally very difficult. No tantrums will assess the situation and come to a common decision. What it will be depends on you two.

Yes, difficult. Yes, resentment can squeeze and lost words, or, conversely, inflated rage, and might "wreck your head". But the problem should be solved here and now.

Very often find it difficult to understand what you want to go - divorce or reconciliation. Squeeze hard through the pain to utter intelligible and the right words. It is hard to decide when the soul cries out in resentment.

for years trying to pretend that everything is okay, but unpleasant heavy feeling from bitter memories will be kept deep down and rise up at the most inopportune moment.

And you can solve the problem much faster, getting help from a specialist.

And then the solution is again just for you. Whatever it is, I wish you happiness and prosperity.

sincerely, Olga rukosueva, psychologist, coach.

My votsap 89632590639. My Skype olya_mmc.

Olga rukosueva
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