to Enjoy life itself! To enjoy life with you! I don't unlearn, if only next will you... be claimed Anne Veski from all radios of the country. And, apparently, it's so easy to be happy, just enjoy life. And here we are adults, serious people, and so many cares and troubles; and on the work, some problems (which is the main source of life for the whole family), and there's no time and space for joy in our lives. What happened? What happened to our childlike? Where is the spontaneity, which exploded from the set of the excitement? After all, joy is there is easy and free. That so burden the modern man? Debt! It all should even itself: to provide for the family apartment, food, education, treatment, to be a worthy member of society and to replenish the state budget with their taxes, and he needs to be strong enough to bear it. What is the force? Strong, not cry, not sad and not indulge (where here to celebrate). It turns out that to be happy we must learn again. For those who want to regain that feeling: stop for a moment, look around, pay attention to all that is next; here the tree, the leaf fell a flower blooms, running dog, grandma sits on a bench, children playing in the sandbox, a light breeze brings the smell of fresh bread from a nearby bakery and I stand and feel life with all my being. At this point, perform a little exercise for yourself: look back, watch and skip through the emotions of joy, pleasure, aesthetic experiences. This is the first step to realize that I'm here, I'm alive, I love life and themselves in this life! How many reasons for joy is at home: look closely, breathe in the smell, feel the touch of loved ones and feel the feeling of enjoying your life, and your life. Live your life only You and no one else. I want to give you a couple of exercises that I give to my clients during the consultation:
1. Always praise your loved ones when they make you something nice. This way you give them a piece of his joy and love, and thus renew your resource of positive emotions. Your loved ones and friends by their actions in response will trigger in you the joy, tenderness, pleasure and happiness.
2. In the evening before sleep remember all the good that happened during the day and Pat yourself on the back. Because praise not only possible, but necessary. If you have done so much for family, for yourself, for the country you already deserve rewards and do not expect this from others when you praise yourself and gradually raise your self-esteem. Someone is very good at helping the habit of recording your memories, can choose as you see fit.
Skills enjoying your life you can learn on my training: "How to be happy". Let's sense of duty transform into feelings of joy and love. From a state of joy, love, fun and enjoyment will be much easier to perform all their life tasks.

Alena Ananyeva
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