To exist like a robot, or live childish full?

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any adult person, in a sense, the child lives. Many people try not to pay attention to this part of the individual, ignoring the related requirements.

"You want something? Well, not really. Want – doesn't".

"In the light of the rest".

"What can be a pleasure when so many unfinished businesses".

Spend time enjoying? Ask for something for yourself? No way! Sometimes even crying and complaining is impermissible.

And with time people are becoming more and more unhappy, reminiscent of a robot or an old man, regardless of the present age, as frustration builds up.

But it could be otherwise if...

If the child was not so full of negative events.

If these events have left a serious trace...

If the parents would have been wiser and truly caring.

If they only knew how to love unconditionally.

If they loved their own parents and gave enough heat.


What now? Not getting enough love in childhood, such adult, usually can not feel happy. And is often unable to give her and their children. Not because of unwillingness, but due to the low presence of personal experience.

Vicious circle? It would be so, if not there were opportunities for this very adult to be filled independently. After all, it is necessary to extract only from the vessel in which it is available.

How to give love to your inner child? It would be great to start with in order to learn how to keenly listen to your own true needs and desires, and implement them with a sense of complete rights to it.

you just want to give myself permission to LIVE FULLY and to act. Then everything will work out!

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