It is a unique experience. Maybe actually not, maybe he doesn't feel the same as me. It included the brain. But I feel not through words, I have feelings so I can feel his soul bare and occasionally take. Such contact, when the souls feel each other — it's unique, it's ecstatic, it's something similar to death because it's the end, because it is what created life and it has already happened.
What feelings and what we experience with a person, we understand it's usually much later. What is this desire to obtain, to get something now? Now we can only live now we can't get. Now we can give, to Express, but to nothing we can do. Here you are with this person, and what he came to, he doesn't know it, but you can feel it in yourself: what kind of response he wants to see you? No matter it is pleasant or not, maybe you do not need it, but you need one, just at this moment, not forever, not completely, but just now you're here and something happens. You each other gives life.

People and not so many from you have to. Just energy presence. But you look at the person from the point of view of some of the measures and dimensions that you are everything, everything is closed, settled into his past and the imagined future. Before you people, and you can start to feel sad about it is that it is not your future and because of the fact that you're sad now, it it and never will.
He will leave, because not feeling you, he feels you with him right now. He cries, comes up with incredible things that you look at him now, just to see you so you went for it. After all, he sees dead people and you are just the same dead.
But you brace yourself, preparing to leave for work is worthy, you're worthy of the clothes you are looking for, choose the place you'll call him, and he wants you just walked out now. It's a big pain that a person experiences when he sees that you are not with him, and you are not always with him, he can't see you.
Even when you watch movies, you need to evaluate them, something faster to give, and where you are your senses from a movie? You probably were not here. My pain is that I rarely see real people and want. I have not always been alive, not always. To revive, you must first be dead, very dead, with pain, in the dirt, to feel quiet and to stay downstairs and not to run, not to hurry. Just to be in it, just to be dead. This kind of preparation. But you will have a break where you and check prepared. This break is called life. When you have it start?

Anna Mstislavskaya
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