Today I wanted to tell You about a skill that really comes in handy in life.

It's a skill to hear the other person.

it Seems that simple. Statistics, however, such that 100% says you perceive from 40 to 70%. Just as the person with whom You are talking to perceives Your speech "diagonal".
How do You do? Amazing, isn't it. Interfering with the laws of perception in conjunction with the mechanisms of psychological defenses and resistances.

You have probably faced such situations in life. When You tell another person about something important, and then it turned out that half the information he had heard. It happens at home, at work, in any relationship with any people. It hurts and is confusing.

What happens?

New information is perceived difficult, phrase easily completed up to "comfortable" or "similar" to entertain before. And then in the conflict between the lovers is tempted to say "my boyfriend says my dad, he's like dad doesn't understand me" and then not see the person in front. Merge with there and then. And not hear the person in the present.

Another feature of perception - you can hear only one part of the phrase. And the second part of the phrase is not. It is not the fact that you heard part important.

This happens because Your emotions are included on different on different incentives in the form of verbal speech. And if some strong emotion involved before You realized the phrase - triggers the breakdown of cycle contact. And You fall out of communication. Before. Than I realized what had happened.

And all because the skill to hear the other person need to train. It is best for practicing suitable therapeutic group.

Indeed, thanks to the group:
    You can verify how You hear and how you hear others. One and the same person.Develop the skill of listening "to the end" and only then draw conclusions.You will be able to understand what words react more emotionally.Will develop skills to clarify these points and to keep the whole phrase in focus. Learn how to give an emotional response based on what he heard. And will be able to understand how You can hear other people. And more.
we Invite You to participate in our therapeutic groups!

We are with the coach, supervisor, Gestalt therapist MGI Tatiana Sumarokova nozdrachevoy continue to invite in a therapeutic group program of Moscow Gestalt Institute:
1. The FIRST half of the DAY 11.00-15.00, first meeting 11 Oct

2. FIVE O CLOCK 17.00-21.00, the next meeting 11 Oktjabrja

Pace: 1 every two weeks
Cost: 3000 rubles for the meeting
coach, supervisor, Gestalt therapist MGI Tatiana Samorukova-Nozdracheva +79165454826 , Gestalt therapist Anne Nine +79161919699, Gestalt therapist Konstantin Samorukov +79262791642

Nine Anna
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