То, из-за чего, вы можете разрушить свои отношения

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1. You don't believe that anything can be so good and instinctively expect the worst.

Perhaps in previous relationships, you often fight with your partner or he even allowed himself to raise his hand to you. It is not surprising that now you do not believe my luck, do not believe that everything can be nice and calm. And that is why you start subconsciously "cheat" yourself and your partner. You begin to expect the worst, any conflicts, scandals and even unconsciously provoke your loved one on it.

But do not forget that "we then - what they often think every day". Therefore, stop to program yourself and your partner to destruction of your relationship. Better enjoy them, because, perhaps this is your reward for all that you've endured in your previous relationship. And solve problems as they arise .

2. You "go away" or even "run away" from pervich same difficulties and problems.

of Course, I agree that relationships must be easy and comfortable. But this does not mean that you will never encounter any problems or difficulties. So, if you always run away from them and their decisions, thinking that thus they "somehow dissolve themselves" you can very quickly completely destroy your relationship with a loved one.

Learn to talk to each other even for the most uncomfortable and unpleasant for you topics, especially if it is really necessary to solve your problem. After all, if you're just going to gloss over them and "bypass", then sooner or later one of you is tired and that your relationship will simply cease to exist.

Well, if you find it difficult to decide or at least explain to each other their problems, consult well a marriage counselor, this will greatly improve your situation and relationships in General.

3. You are too focused on their own needs and goals in life.

one hand is certainly good, because you want to show their best side to thus maximize self-actualization in life. But on the other hand, you can get involved in this process that you won't have time for your relationship, which is also, incidentally, need in your daily efforts and actions.

if you are only focused on themselves and their needs, your partner may feel that they are neglected, not love, and all that he is somewhere very far in the list of your priorities, and a few might like it.

So try to balance these two spheres and find time for self-development and for your loved one.

4. Are you afraid to fully open and to trust your partner.

Perhaps in the past you had a bad experience on this occasion and your confidence is not only justified, but on the contrary - betrayed. But this does not mean that you now need to constantly "blow on a cold" and the rest of your life be careful, God forbid, someone came to open his heart.

Understand that if you are already in a relationship and your loved one really dear to you, as well, and you him, your lack of confidence and closeness can hurt him. do Not assume that your partner doesn't notice and doesn't understand. Even as notice, and he is likely to very painful and unpleasant.

Remember that a healthy relationship is primarily doveritelnyi relationship. So try to forget all of your past negative experiences and just trust. Or your relationship may be at risk.

5. You take your relationship for granted and not appreciate them

If you often think that "could be better", "nothing special, because it should be" and you always think that "the grass is greener", then very soon you can just lose your relationship, and then it will be too late.

if you never give your partner for those, like you think, "the most common, and of course understand things", for example, cooked Breakfast, paid bills, a smile or a compliment for you when you are angry and sleepy in the morning, then he will feel that you do not appreciate him and what he does for you. And this will agree, a very unpleasant feeling.

I don't think that someone's relationship better than you because you don't know for sure, but is it really so ? So better focus on your relationship and how to make them more harmonious and happy. And I can thanks and nice words to each other. You'll see - "your grass is no less green than your neighbor, and maybe even better." Most importantly, do not forget to fertilize and water.

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