To leave Paradise to live. The primary separation.


We are expelled from Paradise? Yes!

Where Paradise from which we are exiled? This is the womb of the mother.

There, in the womb of the mother for each of us favorable conditions. There is a Paradise! The child is safe. It is protected. Habitat pleasant. Heat and power is enough to worry about.

the child and the mother a single organism. This state can be called a Paradise.

there Comes a time to be born.

- Why is it necessary to leave the mother? To be separated from her? I don't want it! I don't want to be separated from mom. I'm scared! Why I am forced to leave a safe place? If I leave mom, I'll die! – such feelings are born in the child.

I realized these feelings, and I had similar thoughts during the execution of the “Technique of birth” as an adult. In the mother's stomach it was very good, so good that the signal for the birth caused consternation. Scared to leave Mama, to leave her. Why! Don't want to! If I leave, you'll die. But something more strong and great makes me to be born. I experienced feelings similar to those I experienced on the day of the death of his dad. Separeras from my mom, I'm dying.

birth   - primary separation, separation of child from mother.

But the happiness that is separated from the mother, leaving the mother, rasheedas with the mother, the child finds it. Separated from mother, the child gets more opportunities for life.

Mom picks him up, presses to her bosom feeds of delicious milk, talking to him, caress and care.

Child, expelled from Paradise, is experiencing trauma, the trauma of separation. At the time of birth increases the level of anxiety and fear.

Weaning – the second, the trauma of separation.

And again the anxiety and fear, forced to abandon a pleasant, beloved and creating a safe environment.

Separeras from the mother, the child loses a mother and finds a mother, building her for other relationships.

But it also happens that a woman, for their own reasons, or unconstructive explanation of conception is not willing to release the child from itself in the womb. It happens unconsciously and can be the cause of the difficult delivery.

Each of us was in Heaven. This experience lives in us.

In adulthood, dissatisfied with his life,  we unconsciously trying to get back to heaven, i.e., in the belly of his mother, or at least partially restore this Paradise in their lives, to restore the dyadic relationship with the mother.

This is not possible and leads to serious problems in relationships with partner or partner, children, health and career.

P. S. Separation – this is a traumatic event, but it gives more opportunities for life. “Expelled from Paradise” find life in her new and the best quality.

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