How often, when dealing with another person, we can't hear each other for real. We hear words and phrases, but we do not hear that these phrases should not hear the true feelings and attitudes of another. And soon waiting when it's our turn to speak.

But when we just listen and really try to hear another, the relationship changes completely. Relations to a new level, they gain a genuine understanding of each other, the depth of communication and trust.

to truly hear someone is near, just. There are several steps. Want to try?

1. Switch your focus from what you want to say in response, that says another. You do not need to try to "dive" into the other, and dissolve in it. On the contrary, need to stay completely in the presence - "be yourself", be in the moment.

to Be in the presence of help very simple steps – be included in what is happening around completely: vision, hearing, touch. Be aware of the sounds that you hear now; consider in detail what is around you; be aware of sensations in your body. If these steps succeed, becomes more of peace and tranquility.

2. The one who listens, does not seek immediately to fix something or help, he just is in its depth, thereby bringing his calm and silent presence. Thus it allows a partner to be herself in this moment – him in all the difficulties and problems, without embellishment and masks. Thus, the listener gives the place what is happening with a partner.

the dialogue is very important the internal state of the listener is not removed and is not included, and present. Try to listen in silence, not commenting and not interrupting. Give your partner time to speak and be respectful.

Then you will be able to hear not just words and phrases, and the voice of the soul of your partner. You will hear the true movement, which is directed from him to you.

Try))) Is the quality of the contact changes things in a relationship as in partnership, and in any other.


Oksana Anashchenko
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