Bodily awareness has different levels. Last time we wrote about observation and awareness of their bodily sensations and experiences, about how it can help to be in deeper contact with yourself. Now we want to talk about a different level of bodily awareness.

Sometimes something happens and you react in such a way as to respond to such a situation before, not listening to the feelings that arise in this situation, albeit similar to the previous one. For example, your state at this time another or the people around you are not the same as last time, then bodily sensations can be a little bit more. As if you miss unusual sensations or do not trust them, fearing the new and unknown. Then if you have changed, but they continue to react in the usual way, there is no way for these changes to manifest, to assert yourself and to act.

It seems as if very long wore a coat. It has become very familiar, familiar, may not always be comfortable, but known and understandable. But life went on and he had changed so much that the coat was gradually transformed, can be became more spacious, has got handy pockets, clasps and a beautiful finish. And this man continues to behave and act oblivious to these changes. And even the sensations that appear from this updated coat he ignores, does not allow and does not use all the benefits of the new, as for him, he is still in the old coat. Or, for example, the coat was old and worn, there were holes and it does not warm. But the man ignored the cold feeling and the fact that not talking about the comfort, and I am absolutely sure that he has a very beautiful coat.

and in life we change, changing our environment and we react to the old and familiar, and therefore safe, by the way, not noticing mismatched with old bodily sensations.

for Example, you don't like as a child eating porridge with love and care prepared by mom. And still you did not eat at the old memory. Though long grown, changed and your tastes have also changed and it is likely that the current mess will seem delicious. Or Vice versa you loved to enjoy in my childhood strawberry jam and habit all also smear it in the morning for a loaf of bread, although still fun it you brings.

Also with emotional reactions. Many childhood to respond to the cry and raising the voices of internal compression, sinking and fear. And continue to react well into their adulthood, ignoring the others reactions. For example, in addition to fading and fear, you can feel the heat rising through the body and the impulse to put a foot forward; the impulse to scream in response, to run away, clenched fists, or something else.

that attention to bodily sensations and their nuances in different and similar situations helps to notice these changes and to prevent the possibility of a different way to react.

We offer you a small experiment: observe your feelings, impulses and reactions in similar situations. Whether the bodily sensations and impulses are the same or differ and what are the differences? To change if you pay more attention to the new sensations? How to change your behavior?

We welcome your feedback and observations!

We invite You to the group "the Body as a resource" where You can practice bodily awareness. information about the group "the Body as a resource"
see you at the group))

Your Aida and Natalya

Natalie Frid
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