Banal phrase than: "listen to yourself" - hard to imagine. This calls the whole of modern culture. Not only psychology.

And it looks like this call does not only mean "listen to yourself" and "don't listen to others."

I measure the earrings are very beautiful colors. But they were wildly large. Have popechitel this. Like, I look ridiculous in them.

a saleswoman was like, "If you like, pay no attention to the opinion of others"

Well, Yes. Here is her opinion given, and never listen to other people's opinions.

Nothing that is the image I will create with the help of these earrings will be mainly to position me in the eyes of others? More often than I will to see yourself in the mirror, for example. Somehow not willing to absolutely ignore this fact.

However, it W-W-W for a reason. The call to "listen to yourself" - caused by relatively new cultural trend: respect for our individuality. Earlier there were calls in the style: "look traditions," "listen to your father and mother", "listen to your Communist friends" etc... And many have not yet weaned. Especially the last two. And somehow not able to "listen to myself".
But to ignore the other is to break off contact with reality. You know, I would be afraid to deal with a man who did not listen to others. Afraid for myself and for him. br>
But it is unclear how to listen to yourself and listen to others at the same time. After all, the opinions of others, frequently contradict each other. And most importantly, often contradict your. Here, for crying out loud. And then the rest of your life to listen to the opinions of the voices in his own head.

it Can help such a metaphor:

Listen to yourself first. To the opinion of others listen as if it is the opinion of your advisers. But the monarch in your life – yourself. And advisors can convey sensible information, can lie, can touch to speak, etc. Your task is to recognize whether there is in their words something sensible. And make the decision yourself. And not to rush to change your decisions from each opinion. Otherwise you will threaten the government, which is under your responsibility – your own life.

just learn to be yourself with the other, keeping himself and the relationship we welcome to our training group "fundamentals of Gestalt-approach"

labzina Irina
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