To lose weight the word "evil"


to lose WEIGHT the WORD "EVIL."

Hope gain weight gradually, over about 10 years. A tall, handsome woman of 46 years old. Came to me when the weight started to come closer to a hundred pounds. She had never been in such weight, gained almost 40 lbs. She tried to "love yourself in any body", but with each added kilogram of it was given to her harder. Deep down she knew it was deception. Well you can not call love something that is injurious to health. And health became worse and worse my joints hurt, knees not bent, there was a lethargy and shortness of breath, a move did not want to date anyone too. Hope became a recluse. But all her life she was known as a lighter, had a great sense of humor and was the life and soul of the company.

She acknowledged that more can not continue, but also to lose weight did not work. Diet was given, no arrangements yourself on proper nutrition did not help. Breakdown followed breakdown. Hope was close to despair.

we Started with clarifying the starting point – when I started to add some events happen in my life. Gradually the picture formed. It all started with a serious illness mother. Nadia tried very hard to help, but the cancer was stronger and the mother died. Previously she lost a lot of weight in recent months refused to eat, the Hope had to invent different tricks to cram into mom something. It was really scary just to watch as your face literally melts the most close and native person to be unable to change anything. At this point Hope for the first time learned helplessness. Before anything similar did not happen, she could solve problems of any complexity.

Then there was difficulties at work. She decided to leave. It did not drive, but she could no longer go to a job that I loved. Mother, dying, said to her that life is short and wished her daughter to only do what she likes and to enjoy life. This conversation was so unusually deep and trusting what is etched in my memory. Before he and my mom were discussing meaningless things – shopping, studying, cleaning, etc. And here was both the last will and mom and its a blessing to live interesting. Nadia started to look for another job, but she had no idea what she'd like to do. And the lack of permanent income both to her nerves, creating internal tension. She lost a lot of weight. But the joy she brought. After a painful search, it was decided to open your own business. Nadia started to regain normal weight. As it turned out a private business is not only the freedom and pleasure (as often presented), but wild responsibility. Responsibility for themselves, for people, for results of operations.

Hope almost moved to the office, she had no weekends and holidays. The working day began at 6 in the morning, ended after midnight. She consoled himself is the beginning, will come to ROI, and I can relax. But the tension ahead of the return. And health is not sustained, the body has a tensile strength and it has been achieved. Resource enough for 10 months of grueling labor. And she felt very bad. Went to the doctor, the diagnosis was not a great surprise for her. It's like she was ready for it. Now she was found with cancer. Operations and chemistry courses made her weightless. She's like a anorexic: bones bulging out everywhere, my hair fell out. She coped with the disease and with a shudder I remembered its appearance. Nadia started eating everything, gaining weight. At first it pleased her. She felt his body alive and warm. She was overwhelmed with the joy of existence. The colors of life poured upon her a torrent. And then the weight is moved beyond reasonable limits. The process has become unmanageable.

When sickness, loss of money the person loses weight. The body remembers the traumatic experience. And then the body tends to fix a fact of life, "I am! I'm alive!" and begins to eat and gain weight. Any weight loss automatically means trouble. The body tends to gain weight to get into a state of well-being.

Hope experienced severe anxiety, almost panic, when the weight fell below 70 kg (normal weight, although she believed 57 kg). Started to feel dizzy, had nausea and strength left. She could get sick and stay a week in bed. This was followed by a recovery period, when continued exercise and diet. The weight had risen over 70kg. And, on the one hand, Hope calmed down. But on the other hand, she was upset and knew nothing.

Figured out the cause. Repeated experience of loss (of one's own health, income, mom's death) was accompanied by weight loss. All dramatically lost weight. She has turned into a "ragged cat," the mother was exhausted and died, job loss has led to nervous and physical exhaustion. Weight loss and trouble merged and slapelis. Then using special techniques that "rasmalai" slim and disease setbacks. Used, stumbled, analyze, adjust. And they achieved their harmony ceased to be a threat and to be associated with death, sickness and financial problems. It was not easy and not fast.

the result is a sincere interest in fitness and dance, fun workouts. Nadia waited for a new workout, not to force myself to trudge to class. Gradually and gently began to change tastes in food. Began to dominate the fruits and vegetables, especially greens. Sweet left, but switched to the morning, before training. Friend you wonder: "You can't stop eating and lose weight! How do you manage?". There was interest in their own desires, the question "what do I really want" became daily.

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