the Theme of relationship with a person of another culture, religion, ethnic stereotypes is becoming increasingly urgent. Let's try to understand this issue and start with the basics.

so, who are Muslims?
Muslims - the followers of one world religion - Islam. And here the most important is the word "world". It means that religion is not independent of ethnic origin and it can choose anyone. However, there is also historical model of religious choice, leads to the emergence of traditions that cannot be broken.
love as a feeling is neither dependent on age nor race, nor religious identity, or the social situation. We can start from different dictionaries, but did not comprehend the meaning and value of love as feelings, until we test it.
Mayakovsky said "love is the heart". And if you think about it, to deepen in the comprehension of this state, we can see love everywhere - in the swelling buds, the flowering of plants, the breath of Nature...the Heart throbbing, setting the rhythm and pace of our entire life, as well as the Love that can change our lives, to transform us, to grace us with his breath.

Love to the Muslim, however, has its own quirks. It is no accident that so famous phrase "the East - business thin...".

the Most common among most of the girls who are in love with the young people of the Muslim faith, "can there be between us?".

Actually that's where we start working. Why does a girl ask such a question? What kind of setup and stereotypes move it?

1. So back to the understanding of the meaning and sacredness of love. "If I love him, I does it matter what his faith is?". But when we ask the relevant question, then there is lock-a ban on love (or some subconscious denial of the possibility of relations).
2. This comes from the generally accepted attitudes about the difference in culture and ethnic views, probably learned in childhood. "Polygamy", "harem", negative emotions are detected together with fear adoption rights of another culture. ("what if?")
3. But delving into the negative explanation of a different culture, in search of the destructive scenarios of the relations between Muslim and non-Muslim, increasingly draws attention to the fact that girl experiencing not love, but passion or painful affection that explains it from the standpoint of a difference of mentalities. "they're All the same", "All cast", "Marry only on their own". And, unfortunately, is dominated by the position "sacrifice".
the Difference in mentalities, ethnic stereotypes and cultural norms evident that, in turn, leads to misunderstanding and disagreements. However, there are a number of significant moments that help to rethink and reassess the situation.
the Central issue is it is a different understanding of love. For many women, our compatriots, the concept of love intertwined with such concepts as "have", "to rule", but in some destructive scenarios used the term "needs", often in the context of care victimization. ("what do I get?" "He needs to marry me!", etc.).

of Course, the traumatic circumstances create a negative perception and destabilisateur female psyche, especially when we are faced with the dominant physical attraction to the person.

If we are dealing with is not formally profess Islam, and being consistent dogmatic, there is need to know the concept of love in Islam, as in this case, the religion is existential sense-reference a young man to learn hear the man she loved.

a Certain obstacle in the development of relations becomes expressing feelings arising from the foregoing.

If You feel a special affinity or inclination towards a certain person, in Islam it is not a sin, because people do not have authority over such natural inclinations. But we certainly are responsible when we allow those feelings to master us and taking certain actions that are considered Haram (forbidden).

Restraint men, nemnogosloven, especially in solitude, a certain coldness due to religious ethics and rules of conduct of its ethnic groups.
the girls, on the other hand, is dominated by the concept of love as romantic, airy state, which, in turn, Islam is interpreted rather as "temptation," seduction, because the understanding of love is responsible, based on respect for the fundamental in Islam.

So, for many girls unhappy romantic relationship with the Muslims due to some "sacrifice", the desire to earn the love through sex. Therefore, physical proximity is an area that often break the relationship between a Muslim and invercoe. Conclusions about the availability of the girls originate from different perceptions about the values of intimate relationships.

So love Muslim is:

  • to love yourself in this relationship;
  • dignity;
  • to cultivate the adoption of traditional values;
  • to respect and understand its value;
  • cultivate modesty

That is the love of self is acquired by conscious overcoming in himself "victim" by of growing up and education in itself a strong-willed individual.

Hope Arkhangelsk
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