the Relationship men and women clean - only when a man and a woman adults both. Sometimes, and probably it often happens that the pair is formed not vzaimoraschety, love, desire partnership, as happens with adults - but the laws of vzaimovliyaniya through the Mother Archetype. Men, which are not always torn from their mothers, from her the shadow of control have a strong relationship with the Archetype, through the mother. This relationship usually responds to all the women around these men. Not a man chooses a woman, chooses a structural relationship. Most often marriages are formed in the conflict-law - Daughter-in-law. The archetype of the Mother-in-Law and Mother Archetype of the Wife just begin to fight for control. Instead of simply to live, to love, to enjoy a couple behaves very differently. Instead of that the woman is to trust your man, instead, she just fights with her Mother. At the same time with his Archetype, and through conductor man - the Archetype of the Mother his Mother. The only thing that men in this space, I feel not a man and a child fighting. In one of the parables about the king Solomon is one such - when two mothers couldn't share a child. And one offered to cut him in half, and the other refused, that real mother - she let go of his child of a foreign mother, only not to kill him. But in the end the child was left to the decision of the king - a real mother. br>
the Man who is in a fight - he can't be happy with a woman, he will belong to the mother, and not otroetsya from it, will always be in the child's condition. That is - he would want to to grow up, and would like to be a man yourself and would like to realize themselves as adult. But a strong and powerful Archetype of Mothers do not trust male power, established over centuries, and the effects of programs and fears, destroys men, destroys the true God. Would be to rewrite the program...

Why such a struggle. The earth energy of the material, the tangible, the mundane - the Mother has the power here and now - because the Earth is close, it can be seen touch. The child even is born from the mother directly. But God where the horizon seems to be, on the one hand. Dad has created partially of the child, and there waiting for him abroad outside of the. And the mother of their behavior, thoughts, protects him from everything, even and often from dad. Therefore, in the stereotype of society and formed the Archetype of the Mother - overbearing, untrusting of men, not even knowing that power. Although the right affiliate. So the woman with one hand wants to be happy, but no trust destroys all the happiness with his own hands. A woman wants to be weak, to feel protected men to be daddy's Princess accepted of course, and not commendable. As in education, as in education, as in religion we are protected from men, and Idolized Mother. In kindergartens and schools educate only in most women, the mother brings the child and the authority, in religion God is actually spelled out somewhere beyond the horizons, although he is within everyone. The man is always much closer, but the fact that the archetype of the Mother would not let him on the gun shot. In the case of the mother's men will always consider it a small little boy, not allowing them to break out of the shackles, and in the case of wife - will either win the mother-in-law on the right of possession, in the same case, compete who is the best mother. And in this struggle, the man will never get the most important - the real woman's love - adult, not parent to child. And the adult partners. So men are looking for a different way to adult love - substitutes. Alcohol.

This is the image of the substitute female energy, which is lacking - especially in the post-Soviet space, where the cult of the mother has already surpassed all norms of reality. Men either choose to be stuck in the age of "child" and be as it is - to endure. Or, those who grow up the way "alcohol" addiction. Well, there are warriors and fighters. Single men - who with the help of different practices and the spirit of the Warrior break through his lonely way. It is difficult to change the consciousness, program, install, despite the fact that they - the programs passed from generation to generation. In the codes, and genes. And this needs to change, to transform. If you women want to love men as women, not as mothers, or fight for the right of ownership and possession, not a right to be in partnerships - think now. Think about where you are going, what kind of a relationship. And most importantly - by choosing to still fight with the mother of your husband - You are definitely lost. Because the Mother Archetype the mother stronger than yours. And repeating the mistakes in relation to the son in consequence you can ruin his life that way. Not releasing from under the wing - he will not be able to know the real woman, because she is a woman will not be able to defeat you, and will not be able to be a woman, because she any will to fight. But knowing the essence. Knowing it, you can even change the situation, not only for them.

For example, even at weddings you can tell the mother blessing the couple through his teeth creak, where my son is from me, anything anything, I will check. If you look even in the traditions of the cult of mothers. What is the obstacle to freedom. Tradition the modern generations have no idea that programs written in them. If you open the code - you can learn too much about the secret meaning. In comparison with the ancient cults, which on the contrary helped to growing up and the way to freedom, now it is a conservation and degradation - destruction of the human race. Personally, I hate modern weddings. And traditions that evoke a sense of slavery and worship is not clear what. Well, to each his own.

And believe me, adults to live in harmony, without the control mothers, trusting each other, is much cooler than being stuck in a state of omnipotent mother, which in addition to destruction will bring nothing. Mean of the Mother Archetype. Adequate attitude to her mother - a deep sense of respect and gratitude. Parents gave life - equally both. The cult of the father as it is in the archive. Although taking part as well. Passed life went on, children have to look forward, passing forward and not to live with the burden of debt, and worship for this life. With such a burden and the requirements of the rod ends. Will not continue. Because the energy goes the wrong way. In the past. Turn around and look ahead. Open your code and preprograming it your own. One that would read the Freedom each of us ends where the freedom of another begins.

Nobody owns anybody. And the right of possession can only be shown on material things and not on people. Love is where freedom.

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