To meet a man (part 1).


will Tell you about their work with the client from Moscow in terms of potential Dating options, since the topic is really important.

We discussed this subject, and from what it seemed the most appropriate, were the options of exploring the man through the car and on the street.

But then, as it turned out, so simple. To be prepared for such an acquaintance it is necessary to restore order in my mind, removing that obstacle.

for example, the option "auto". The client's own car, are quite expensive, it is already a few years behind the wheel, is certainly an option. But then came the fear that prevented such a meeting: "all of a sudden he's insane or a bandit."


I know the client, we have a trusting relationship, and when I asked her: "And why is it that you have such fear?", then I'm entering her in the trance state, like a good psychologist, sexologist and psychotherapist, we went on a vivid memory, and contributed to this fear.

It was a story two months ago. One day, when she went to Moscow, got stuck in traffic. And looking at neighboring cars, she saw a man in an expensive car who cursed at her, beat his hands on the steering wheel of his car. Foul language was not heard, but everything was written on his face.

She nodded to him, saying keep going, but the man behaved inadequately: he staged a "race", began to cut her, waving his arms, yelling that she was off to the side for some fights.

the Girl was so scared, and so continued for several minutes, until she escaped from the inadequate driver, improving the moment, and coming from the traffic.

Then, despite the fact that to find her was impossible, the girl was in shock and even called the friend of the Policeman, telling about the incident, but the car had a strange room, and the situation came to naught, and the negative trace left of it.

Experienced psychologists, sexologists and psychotherapists know how to remove this negative condition. Therefore, I will not be here to stay, I would note that after this memory, the fear is gone, and the girl said that now she is ready to meet the man on the car, and as an additional possible option added to the wash.

We moved to the next possible meeting to meet on the street. I note that earlier on the street was considered a bad tone is a normal variant, it would be only a desire, and right thoughts in the head. So we had to work.

she introduced an option – she walks down the street to meet her, imposing man, with a slight smile, and a willingness to approach. "What about you?" "I closed from him, and he passes by".

Immediately traced the problem. And when you enter, it became clear the reason for the closure. When she was a teenager, she had a skin disease, which is then gone forever, but the habit of shutting people left.

After this situation, we came to the second problem: "Men – Alfonso". When I asked her where that came from, she remembered the words of a friend about what it might be. Well – a friend did not authority, and generally to live their thoughts. And a girl filled herself with coquetry and faith in the relationship.

Next – came the fear of a relationship with a married man and likely to hang around for a long time. And in this situation had their reasons – it's a street acquaintance with one restaurateur, who was married. A couple of times they were with him at the restaurant, but the relationship did not go further, but then he has long had the girl attentions. She understood that it came to nothing lead, and we must pay tribute to her, time out from the relationship.

Well, in General, when I checked how we solved this problem, the girl again saw the imposing man who was walking towards her and smiled and she smiled back at him. Then I think you'll all fantasies themselves.

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