Often I treat clients and acquaintances with the question of whether to tell the friend about their resulting feelings, because in case of failure, they risk being left without a friend and without lover.

let's Try together to answer this question.
usually in these situations there are two kinds of relations. Consider these situations separately

1) People are familiar recently and in General any relationship or friendship even, there is only 1-3 month, which can develop as friendship and love. Most often this hides a fear of rejection, not fear of losing this mythical friendship.

Here it is necessary to wonder: and whether you do friendship with a person you have sexual feelings? And the second question – how long will I ready still tormented by the unknown?

If the first question you answered no, and the answer to the second question decided on the timing, it remains only to act. To talk and finally figure it out. The sooner you do, the faster you will resolve your endless thoughts and doubts and even if you are denied, you will be easier than if you wait another year, and then suddenly you see your boyfriend or girlfriend in a registry office with another person. And it will be like in that song of VIA "Blue bird" "Bitter": "I Sit quietly on the sidelines, they Shout: "Kiss!"and bitter to me."

If the first question you answer Yes, i.e. you still don't want to lose communication with this person, even if not relationships, then I have another question: is it true in case of refusal, the friendship be impossible?

In fact, experience shows that this is not so. If you are really ready to be just friend and won't pester you any man with your words about love or sexual advances, it is possible and make friends. And friendship is more sincere than if you about your feelings will not tell, will act as our friend, and secretly dream of something more. As a rule, it is still felt by the second participant communication. So if you failed, but you still hope for more, it is better it is honest mark – well, can we be just friends, but I hope you eventually change your mind.

2) the second Situation is more complex. In the first case, most people understand that losing the friendship of the person with whom you recently sign not so tragic as it seems at first glance, but what if you make friends the first year, and suddenly realized that your feelings started to go beyond friendship?

Then the loss of a friend will be more noticeable than in the first case, and really should think twice what is important to you – your friendship or the opportunity to try to build a relationship, and not the fact that work out, but the friendship back that will be difficult, if not impossible.

In this case it is better to wait, don't you think that if it was fleeting arisen attraction, which also will speed, rate how strong your feelings are, you are ready to build with this man serious relationship? If you feel that this is really love, then take a chance! In the end a true friend will not reject you at all, even if you do not respond to your feelings.

Zigula Anna
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