There are a few rules of communication with the child. By following them you can save on the psychologist.

1. When you scold the child, do not use the expressions: "You always", "do", "Forever you". Your child is generally always good, he just did today, something wrong about it and tell him.

2. Do not leave a child in a quarrel, make peace first, and then go about their business.

3. Encourage the child was attached to the house, returning home, do not forget to say: "And yet, how well we have at home."

4. In disputes with the child at least sometimes give in to them it seemed that they always are wrong. You children will learn to give in, to admit mistakes and defeat.

5. Try as much as possible, share the responsibilities. Do not attempt to compensate for children the loss of a parent through shouldering a large number of responsibilities.

6. Don't let yourself statements against the child's family.

7. Praise your child for any display of activity and independence.

8. It is desirable that the child visited the sports sections, mugs, etc.

9. To visit the museums, exhibitions, theatres, thereby developing his cognitive activity.

10. Accept the child such what it is.

11. Never order on a whim. Don't need pointless commands. Not to interfere in the life of a child is as dangerous as to interfere continually.

12. Never take decisions alone.

13. Talk about everything without fear. Speech is gold, silence is lead.
14. Unite with your. The family is the private Republic.All things must be done together: homemade crafts, wash dishes, shopping, cleaning, choice of activities, routes, visits.

good Luck!
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