the Theme of this publication may be close to you, or a friend.

Often our loved ones, friends or clients tell the story of a failed relationship that they were fascinated, and the object is disappointing.

the Frustration only happens when we are, what we expect from these relationships, and not always ready to hear about real events, and seeing that they happen.

Want to share a story that clearly shows the title of the publication.

a Young girl who just broke up with her boyfriend, defying expectation his mother about the impending marriage, went in search of love.

the Word hit, I used not accidentally. Deliberate in his actions was little.

as the search for a partner for life, was limited in time, in the eyes of her parents. Her mom had her at 21, and eagerly believed in, it cannot be otherwise,and the world will collapse if the tribal tradition will sink into Oblivion. As did this girl.

What happens when man only looking for a husband? Rose-colored glasses, often playing a sado-masochistic scenarios. And in General, anything good, except the constant trauma.

the First man in the category of "husband" was her ex-boyfriend since student life. As he appeared again after a long separation, with the words love, and gone in the morning.

Finding him again, she found that he was in a relationship and not planning to change anything.

Then I went to casual relationships, and new frustrations.

she was ready and open for love, in her ideas, and her life's journey met only men who said love was gone in the morning, or a week or two after meeting.

It was wandering and the permanent, painful search for a partner. The prosecution of men not of decency, and evil intentions.

it can continue indefinitely, when we get into his injury.

But this scenario could not develop, at least, if the girl talked to the men.

Real, live, with your thoughts and desires, experiences and feelings. And compared them with their feelings, I wonder whether her man what he meant to her, how she felt about him, how he is to treat her.

Alexandra A.
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