To take femininity in women


One evening in regular classrooms was a collection of ordinary girls participating in a therapeutic group, which was held by the only male coach, a kind of Zeus - chief deity of Greek mythology, the personification of boundless sky and Lord of the lightning.

And now, one of the girls, named Mila came to work on the theme of the reunion with his femininity. She was anxious to get the male trainer, she said, the recognition of their attractiveness, sexiness, uniqueness and everything else that would help her continue to feel "feminine power".

But the coach replied: "Mila, I'm afraid that nothing will be able to help you. Because I'm a man. And I don't know what it's like to be a woman . While you're trying to reconnect with my femininity through men, nothing but men interazione expectations you don't get. Therefore, you can apply to your femininity through participating in our therapeutic groups, because only through women you will be able to attain their "desired quality" and to generate support on his own - a female, before the start of relationships with men. Otherwise, your identity will be fragile as the finest crystal, and will last until the first conflict with a man because you were good, only getting recognition here and now. If you agree, then go for it!"

for me Personally, that evening was a revelation that every woman, consciously or unconsciously stresses his main "quality". Clothes, hair, manners etc.

..."superior quality" (or manifestation) Uli was flirting, because she always wore hats and long gloves and was always trying to please someone. "Superior quality" ( or manifestation) of Ani was sexy: and like she didn't have anything of external attributes, calling men, but traffic was always flowing, facial features soft, and she shone from within. Olga was very childlike: you could easily climb a tree and pick mulberries for the whole group, and Yes, it is like a Tomboy.)) And Jan - the very tenderness and simplicity, wearing only light dresses in a small flower and always talked in a quiet voice, and so on.

In General, all this I mean that Mila went to each girl, and noticing accurately, voiced their "main qualities" that, as in a mirror, and received feedback that all is ( more or less), it is also present. And it felt as though every moment she was filled with the coveted "girl power" and qualities, which no man now can not get it to take.

Kaminskaya Victoria
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