any professional who provides services and psychology is no exception, as a rule there is one important issue to discuss which costs even before you start working.

What is the guarantee of efficiency?

the Answer is exhaustively discloses the following example.

What is the guarantee that the driving instructor will teach You to drive?

If You have a real need and real desire. If You carefully follow the instructions, perform theoretical and practical tasks. While the instructor and conscientiously gives you the knowledge. In 80% of the standard course of study is enough for passing the exam and obtaining the rights!

For obvious reasons, someone will require extra classes, some will conclude that led is not for him, and someone will cope with their studies even faster than the period.

I guarantee a good faith execution their work.

But the Result of our collaboration will depend on total efforts.

my job isis diagnostic and analysis of situation, selection of the most effective method and, if necessary, a combination of techniques for the solution of the query, the learning techniques of independent work.

the Work starts from the first day! And sometimes even with a phone call or email correspondence.

Factors decreasing efficiency:

the absence of concrete goals, sufficient motivation and a clear understanding of what actually needs deliverance from trouble;

- a secondary benefit, and as a consequence concealed reluctance of the client to get rid of the problem (requires some work);

- the age of 45-50 years, due to the fact that people with deep-rooted attitudes are difficult to carry out the necessary transformations on himself;

- having your own ideas about how it should be and how best to conduct the work;

- misconceptions about the existence of a "magic pill" or "magic spells", which will do everything itself, without personal transformation and work on yourself.

Factors determining success:

- understanding and acceptance of the importance of internal personal changes required to achieve the result;

- the willingness and determination to implement them;

- the belief in the possibility and success of these transformations!

Andrei Kopylov, psychologist, hypnology, biophysicist.

Andrei Kopylov
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