To work as hard labor?


To work as hard labor? This is about you? In this article I will discuss 2 reasons why this may be.

Load job beyond measure

Situation : If that's you, we can clearly say that the Manager appreciates your performance. And, you can say that you have problems with the ability to say "no" .

Why: Often it happens, when laid in childhood that need to be “good” for everyone. 

What to do? to Say “no”, and especially the head - a very difficult task. Therefore, I propose a sensitive way to work with this situation. You can reply that you are now working on the following tasks (list them) and to ask the execution of them can be moved in time.  In this reply, the relevant part of the tasks may fall away, a new task may be delegated to another employee or task can be adequately distributed on time to avoid overtime.

open Disrespect or rudeness.

Situation - the Leader can afford the rude comments in your address, criticizing you in front of colleagues. You have a problem with protecting their own borders. Most likely, your supervisor has found a convenient way of splashing out negative energy and bad mood.

Why: the Reason may be that you do not value yourself, and therefore silently accept the actions of the head.

What to do? Such attacks do not go unnoticed for self-assessment. To restore the balance of mind, write a list of “Why I'm a good employee". The more paragraphs you write the better. Most importantly, that you had a clear inner sense that you are really a good employee. This will form the inner confidence and it will be easier to defend their interests, and, secondly, the head will feel a change, and probably will correct the behavior. Further, you can analyze why a leader is not pleased with you. Perhaps there are objective reasons, and by eliminating them, all to improve. Most likely, you choose to see them can, and  recruit a colleague you trust and who is able to accept criticism.  you can Still use non-verbal methods: posture confidence (often they are open, occupying the space). If you cry, you can hand show the sign "stop" (raised to chest level, open palm). Used repeatedly, the person pauses, giving the opportunity to take the initiative in their hands.

In this theory there is still the possibility that the leader behaves disrespectful not only to you and to all colleagues. In this case, significantly affect the behavior of the leader will not work and most constructive option would be to find another job.

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