Точка "невозврата" или "формула счастливых отношений"?


would you Like to a happy relationship was immortal?the
Answer "Yes", then read on.br>
as many projects live by the following algorithm: gestation, development, implementation, stagnation, degradation, death.

Let us consider in more detail what is meant by each stage.
Imagine you have got some sort of idea. For example, to make repairs in the apartment.

You are running with this idea, a burning desire and anticipate the pleasure of the ability to implement the plans, weighed the pros and cons. Of course, you want to do everything the best way, to apply modern materials and technologies, in General carrying idea.br>
Next, learn her. Make the design of the project. Choose a harmonious combination of colors, Wallpapers, accessories, comfortable flooring, beautiful doors and other pleasant things. I think the estimate. Allocate funds and purchase the material.

Mmm.. soon all will come true!!! Employ workers. And...

Here it is, the long-awaited repairs done. Uraaa!!! The dream realized! You happy. You all like it: nice color, texture of materials, nice interior, etc.The soul enjoys new sensations.

You want to return again and again in the apartment. The mood lifted as soon as cross the threshold, and all the hardships of the day dissipate like fog.

a year Passes, experience lay, you do not perceive so clearly my new surroundings, accustomed to the look of the apartment living and don't pay attention to repairs. It you are not happy and not sad. Came stagnation.br>
it Takes another three years. I.. here they are treacherous thought: I wonder did the kitchen in red, and the bedroom in black. They make me tense and annoyed. Began degradation.br>
it took another few years, your tastes and the fashion trend has changed a lot. You look at repair and I feel a terrible disgust. He is no longer satisfied, despite the fact that it is still in excellent condition, as you bought quality finishing and construction materials, and carefully all to enjoy.

But so eager to tear these nuisance Wallpaper and change things dramatically. More on this repair you can't look! Came the death.

do you think that could have expensive repairs to please you any longer?

True - could. If at some point to make adjustments in accordance with your internal state to change the pictures, the colors, the chandeliers, and introduce new elements of decor, buy new curtains, add bold or calm color combination.

Try to guess when you miss this point?

in the meantime, let's put these stages in the development and implementation of ideas on relationships.

Carrying - you know what ready to get married, dream about it, as the only. Imagine what he's like amazing!!!the
Development - study men in the next access, enjoy the honeymoon period..

Implementation – chose the most suitable and here you are standing on the most beautiful in your life is the ceremony: their wedding day. You are in a relationship and happy as never was.

Stagnation - it's been 7 years ( all different). Joy and happiness become a routine, partner with your presence you are not happy and not annoyed, gifts and flowers only on birthdays and March 8. All is calm and ordinary on the whole good, but it's "Groundhog day".

Degradation – husband is often working late, partying goes, sex less frequently than the holidays of the year, the phone is password protected. Lost the trust has a suspicion that you're not the only one for him. In the house of joy and happiness gave way to scandals and quarrels.

Death is no more peace of mind, resentment and frustration eating away inside you, something overstrained, patience was exhausted and you can no longer look at his beloved as before it hated you..Sense died. And only a handful of ashes is a reminder of what they had once been.

Often couples fail to notice the moment when a crisis occurs. While in the illusory state that everything will resolve itself, at one point, found that that could disappear, has grown to a large tumor, which brings unbearable pain.

the Close person has become a stranger and to continue the relationship with him is impossible. How I wish like in a fairy tale: they lived long and died in one day.

But alas, the moment passed. You have crossed the point of no return, and relations will not return. And even if it is possible you will have to do a full reboot and by mutual consent. Which in my experience is rare.

Where is the point to which is better in a relationship not walk?

stagnation, when it is boring, but still good. It is necessary to put relations on a new stage of development, to contribute something that will be a breath of fresh air in a stuffy room: to change yourself and with a partner, to start developing a new project to deliver a joint goal, to start a new business, bringing innovations that will make life and relationships with others.

Turn on the creativity, counsel and talk with a partner, invent. the
Start a new round of gestation some ideas!

...wow. And again, the enthusiasm, the anticipation of something interesting, unusual, perhaps even crazy. You together with a partner in a wait state and preparation for a new project together. And then according to the algorithm: development, implementation, and stagnation and ... STOP.

In degradation do not have to go. Starting a new stage of development. Rather gestation the new family project. It goes in a spiral, changing itself and keeping the joy and fun in the relationship.br>

Then the degradation and death will remain outside your family happiness.br>

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