"Точка невозврата" в отношениях и правило «Трёх шагов».

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💔 Red-line in the relationship (the point of no return) and the rule of "Three steps".

✅ the Current situation with the client, it reminded me of the rule of psychology in the formation of a NEW relationship as the "Rule of three."
1⃣ are the following (for men and women alike, in this case). ... Making the first move (any that you are willing to accept and appropriate: a text or a call, or invitation, or gift, or ...) and WAIT.
2⃣ If the reaction (the response step) interested in potential partner or she is negative, then do the second step (whatever you have). AND WAIT!!! .

3⃣ If again no response or a refusal, do the third step. And still waiting for a reaction, damn those clocks and calendars)))
⛔If there is no response, then turn around and LEAVE. .

This is not your man.

Red-line. .

....Went to to say, but not easy to do.
❌Mistake number 1. HURRY.
If we do not wait, and do them several.

Example Client

"Meet via telephone with a Dating site... first time I hear his voice ...
listen to your reaction to the voice... and he told me just come on and poems to read, and offers his mother to meet and promises to adopt my three children... I politely ended the conversation ... hung up... and blocked his number...". .

men Have similar examples.

"I just look at her, kept going, whether I want it or not, and she tells me that my profession her in the household chores and that would give me a hero, and sliders for the kid already looked after..." ...

the man in shock.

the man in the wind))). .

❌ Mistake number 2.

Do step number 4,5...
Knocking on a brick wall.
And so spend our lives on empty waiting. Itself this sin several times.

At the same time, as my single client is male: "but you can OCCASIONALLY come back and check this wall, suddenly a half years old wall is gone."

❌ But it does not wait for these six months, just to live a different life with other people.

Although this blurring of boundaries is already cherevato to hang out in fantasy. .

❌ Mistake number 3.

Do only one step, break off, turn around and leave.

an Example client - a young man:

"Yes, I have!!! relationships: I like one girl Vkontakte, never live not seen, the phone does not communicate.... After 2 months will be March 8! I have it on the website congratulate!!!"

I asked, "is that all??!!! After 2 months one for free?!!!!"

"Yes, all!"

God Forbid, all of us reciprocity, patience and common sense.

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