for many decades, to mention Cuba, most people, especially in the current situation, perceive the country if the village idiot (drunk granovity, not particularly pleasant smell, obtuse), lives on the delight of the audience.

...such a fool sometimes nice to look, to smile, to laugh, to return to your familiar world, as if nothing had happened.

that may be So, but almost no one knows about what exactly was in Cuba before the 1959 revolution. Not know is not because the information that someone is hidden, but simply because of their own laziness, and maybe because in principle it is difficult to imagine that the village idiot, when it could be someone else.

But Cuba was different... and radically different, in that now it is virtually impossible to believe.

Not going to ship the material by numbers, easily will be able to find everything, will tell you some significant facts:

By 1958, Cuba's income per capita was higher than in several countries of Europe and Japan that are still recovering from the war.

Cuba was actively reseals trade, construction, agriculture (which was the backbone of the economy), everywhere you could find supermarkets, showrooms of leading brands and showrooms of leading automakers (especially American).

the Cuban port was by that time one of the largest in the region, was always filled with ships from all over the world, carrying to Cuba all the new and advanced.

Hollywood Stars, as well as European celebrities – with joy and pleasure came to walk across Cuba, and it was not exotic, Cuba actually considered the Latin American version of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas.

it was Then that Cuba was not the village idiot, then she was a Princess, and a Princess European format, as indicated and evolving architecture, culture and education at the level of the best world samples.

Cuba was not ideal, the former Spanish colony that became sort of independent, but at the same time largely dependent on the United States (but very few people even then, did not depend on US), had its problems with corruption in the government of Batista, which is actually conformed to the will of corporations and the supranational elite of the United States, but Cuba, however, any qualitative and quantitative indicators, consistent with the highest international standards development.

What happened?

then someone can call me a supporter of "conspiracy theories", but you know... the plot was the same. For knowledgeable people it is no secret that both the first and second world wars were not between individual countries, as usual propaganda broadcasts, and between supranational economic elites (clans Rothschilds and Rockefeller) with your hands those of individual countries. Both war – won the Rockefellers, declining balance thicket of global influence to his side.

So, the goal of the European elites (Rothschild) was to arrange right in front of US (i.e. under the nose of the Rockefellers) some rebellion, experience the region for durability and postwar stability, creating a hotbed of social tension.

to Do this it was decided it was on Cuba and in 1959 a revolution took place, which came to power Castro, the country became a socialist, which remains and sow day, and then...

...then you yourself know everything, year after year, step by step, European Princess turned into a town fool, who looks, at best, with a smile of pity, and even disgust, averting his eyes.

Rum, cigars, cocaine and whores – that's what you'll see in Cuba + strict socio-political and economic control from the government over its citizens, pervasive atmosphere is not even tension or distrust, and naplevatelstva on each other. In psychology there is even a special term for this learned helplessness.

And now... back to the name of the material. Cuba in the period after the revolution – the future of Russia... if nothing changes.

moreover, not just the future, in some regions, especially those hidden from the European part of the present state of things is not the future but the present, here in Russia there is a tropical climate and year-round Sunshine with sandy beaches.

Every time someone from the Russian tourists think that, Yes, this village idiot is, but I leave here soon and I have a normal life, every time this person makes a mistake.

what happened in Cuba is not the result of chance or bad managerial skills, it is not the flaws of the social-Communist system, it is deliberate policy to developed degradation of a particular country, which was predetermined by external forces and consistently implemented by internal revolutionaries.

worst of all, if the source of the Cuban situation was clearly external and well-observed, and Cuba had just become a public example of how the Rothschilds spoiled the toy Rockefellers, in modern Russia – the chosen path – it's just an internal decision and the choice of those who is in power.

it is likely these people do not fully realize the magnitude of what you are doing, because to realize it, you have to be unique experts in the field of global social governance, I doubt that they are.

But this does not negate the fact that their consistent actions lead to that result, which came to Cuba. Came in one day, but... the level of Cuba, as noted earlier, was initially high, and the country is incomparably small to the same – era is completely different.

To what I it everything?

Yes, the fact that it is certainly possible to deny, even to graying, but Russia is unthinkable is rapidly changing to another global village idiot and while the Russian people will not remember who they are and why they are here and begin to help themselves and each other – will only get worse.

by the Way... clearly a propaganda myth, former external myth, which became an internal (because they are very convenient power) that Russian allegedly a patient is not capable of unity and resistance that always need a leash in the form of the king and overseer.

This nonsense is easily refuted by historical events – to conquer and to enslave the Russian people failed anyone yet, partly, it was only Christian Church, but in fairness it should be noted that they have enslaved the entire world, even time (chronology) is from "Christmas", and all that was before is considered in reverse order.

And now to enslave the Russian people get just because – Russian people separated and afraid of each other.

In conclusion, a video about pre-revolutionary Cuba

Ermakov Sergei
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