Today I will do it!(useful tips for myself)


How to facilitate their implementation.

the Main thing to start!

Inertia is applicable not only to physical processes,I believe that all of us felt it on myself! As soon as we begin to act, inertia works for us and there is a high probability that we will finish the job!

1). Personally, exercise helps me , when that deductible in the NLP. Its meaning is that before the process unpleasant things (for me it is, for example, before the awakening ) immediately send your imagination in the pleasant time. For me it works in automatic mode: I DotAsia himself to the soul, which accelerates the time with water jets and a coconut smelling gel and then indulge yourself with a Cup of coffee (in my favorite recipe!) And now you are in the mood to go to work, the most difficult moment, pulling himself from under the warm blankets behind!

2). Make the goal as specific as possible in time and sometimes it helps to limit yourself in how you will deal with the case. It gives your mind a clear picture of the plan! For example, I'm going to clean the room on Saturday from 11.00 to 12.30. Even big business can be divided into parts.

3). Remove all possible obstacles to the execution of the task. For example, I like to quietly get ready for work in the morning. I adapted it as follows: applied in advance Breakfast is for heating, not to think in the morning what to put and not to spend the time and effort (while the head badly thinks and the brain wanders in a dream). Besides, I have trained myself to wash dishes in the evening and return the coffeemaker to the state when it once you can download a coffee (already cleaned of old residue with water).

4). Another easier way is in something like the exercise "collapse anchors in NLP", when one hand is placed unpleasant task, and the second "nice" and shapewise the palm of your hand! This, of course, a simplified description. When performing unpleasant tasks is a combination of them pleasant. I cleaned, watching the TV series "the Mentalist" or listening to "Something Just Like This" the chainsmokers & coldplay or "Demons" Imagine Dragons. And what would be able to combine the unpleasant matter you?

5).To save power it is convenient to translate the constant thinking about their plans in a convenient habit. Remember the high school course I. P. Pavlov's theory about conditioned reflexes and the dogs that the sound and turn on the light bulb –is produced by gastric juice. With us too in many ways. Our brain, a hundred

RRAS to save us, largely working on the machine. So accustomed to his daily to do useful things, we're not going to spend a lot of effort. Go ahead! Let's replace unwholesome automatisms in more useful!

the Schedule!

Want to change

it is Useful, you want to fix

I'm bored: read the social network

I'm bored: write an article on the b17

back pain:drink anesthetic

back pain: find it helpful to exercise and perform them for a few minutes

Sad: attach thoughts, which upset me.

it's Sad:listening to music and supporting in a more relaxed mood analyze the incident

Late coming home from work:eat at night

Late coming home from work: take food to work and eat before leaving home.

Now you!

to be Continued!)))

I Will be glad to your comments and finds you want to share!

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