Today I will do it!(useful tips for myself) No. 2


New healthy habits (Practical tips).

In the last article, "Today I will do it!(useful tips for herself)." , I have already covered the topic of replacing unwholesome automatic reactions in useful.

Let's think together, what areas can be captured in the mess!

the Importance of a healthy lifestyle has long captured the Internet space and about the importance of exercise and about the importance of a healthy diet lot said. Also often discussed topic is that "all illnesses from nerves". What is with this in mind, we can change and take in as healthy habits in your lifestyle to improve the quality?

the Awareness and analysis of negative emotions.

it is Known that the fast phase of sleep, has the effect of a mental wound healing. No wonder there is the expression "sleep on it" and an important part of the psychotherapeutic process not only in psychodynamic direction given to the analysis of dreams. Also, it is the neurobiological processes occurring in REM sleep formed the basis of such an effective method of psychotherapy post-stress disorders EMDR (who are still not familiar with this method, a lot of information you will find on the Internet).

BUT not all psychological wounds heal by themselves.

If with broken limbs, all run to the doctor, the emotional trauma in our country is often customary to ignore and even to boast that "many fell, and I'm covered!"

Foot, malunion — it may be painful and uncomfortable to walk. And if you ignore the psychological trauma — it will hurt to live.

In the US, every second is your therapist. In Russia, I do not know the statistics. I guess not even one in ten.

for me Personally, negative emotion, in my life - it's fun! It is an occasion to ask ourselves the question: "What's wrong?"

Often, their customers I suggest, keep a diary of self-observation, it helps you keep track of emotions and events, triggers, behavior change in response to them, and more. This can give a lot of interesting discoveries. Further you can discuss with your psychologist or therapist. Positive emotions often gives contact with loved ones. For some it parents, friends, colleagues. With those with whom you can share experiences, get support.

Even old emotional traumas, if untreated, can "bleed" for years, in the way to live happily and to take strength and energy. They can transform ordinary situations and minor conflicts in severe suffering, to affect the self-esteem, self-confidence. That is why trauma is important to diagnose in the early stages, and even better — to implement preventive measures.

Diary of thoughts and emotions.

Every morning, you can write a couple of pages. By hand. About anything.

in addition, while we are thinking about how to articulate everything that came into our head, we unwittingly spread them on the shelves in my head and structure in importance.

during the day, it is also useful to catch the moment of emergence of negative emotions and see where it comes from, how you feel.

In the process of "speaking emotion" we use speech function, which is responsible for the cortex of the hemispheres. This part of the brain in lower mammals only planned, and the person is the main part. The neocortex handles and rationalizarea experiences, lays them on the shelves. The result is often pronouncing and writing the problem we unwittingly come to a more rational decision, as it automated the emotions subside.

the Careful selection of information from the media.

We understand and not only we, but as evidenced by the ratings of noisy news, the tone of the reporter, the increase of sound in the commercials that our reaction to the negative shock and the news - stronger. I, like Professor Preobrazhensky, Bormental recommending to waive the reading of Newspapers, have largely abandoned not only by reading the Newspapers, but very selectively watch the news, TV, what to do and suggest to their customers.

the media advanced work in the psychology of people who get paid to create materials that attract the attention of the audience. We are biologically programmed to respond to threats. This is the basis of instinct. So scandals/intrigue/investigations — the basis for most of the rating news. How do we know what's going on in the world? And why do we know this? Every second a million event occurs.

Choose what applies to your life and what you can influence! Enough!

what is responsive?

In our life constantly alternate positive and negative stimuli. I go into the subway and pushed me, a girl with a backpack nearly ran them to my face and at the same time hear your favorite tunes.

We have already discussed that we are programmed to be more responsive to negative.

More to react and to notice the positive is my strategy! I like to live in a world where I choose what to send to trash "spam", pass and don't look back, and to react. To make the flower on the flowerbed covered with the first snow, what a delightful phenomenon that is at once uplifting, like the touch of the miracle.

Respond or not is always our choice. For me this was a real revelation. When we were discussing something with a Professor of my University's Department of Pathological anatomy, oddly enough not related to psychology, and he told me: "I have no one to humiliate or to offend. All the words that can tell the other person, first of all, talk about it."

I remember it for life, although not immediately realized their significance.

Imagine - you are on the street.

on the one hand, a delicate fragrance of flowers in the flowerbed, covered with snow grass, dove, looked at you with his round eye, and on the other hand, the drunken abuse of the man.

what you will notice, and will make your day and your life!



Hope you will find something useful in this article.

I Wish you all the positive discoveries that make your life happy and interesting!

I Will be glad to your comments and finds you want to share!

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