Токсичная любовь!

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Toxic love.

As you can often hear this expression from psychologists or from those who have been reading all the wild psychology, and now calculate that kind of love and even begin to find her in their relationship. Most importantly, once people tried it for themselves, once their relationship became toxic, so they might have been such, but now they have put the relationship accurate diagnosis. Begins the analysis of such relations, and of course redoing them from toxic to non toxic.

Let's try to understand this phenomenon. Toxic, that is poisonous, venomous, ie poison, poison means leading to death. That is, based on this, we can say, toxic love leads to death. Do you agree?

But let's first try to understand what kind of toxic love and toxic relationships that need it all became toxic. And then of course first goes on the pedestal of the wine. It is guilt in relationships are a sign of toxicity. And not just wine itself, but rather imposed upon wine, that is, when your partner blames you for everything. Well, just a toxic relationship, the partner you escalate the feeling of guilt and thereby poison the relationship. Agree? Of course, screamed guilty people and those who have experienced it. Kindergarten!

What guilt you can impose or make you feel guilty? No, if you have 5 years no questions. If you are over 25, then there is no need to play child. No you impose guilt and make you feel guilty may not. If you do that or doesn't consider. The fault is your internal reaction, YOUR reaction, and you bear 100% responsibility. That is, first you do inside yourself believe that you did wrong and then you have the guilt. Do you consider yourself to blame and no one else. So, leave your tears to others that you are so poor or so miserable, that direct, have pity on me and save me from the tyrant. It was him, he would not have it, you would not have found him, of anything. So enough to go and complain to friends that you are such a victim. Well, go and retrieve your lost, that's your business. Only the icon will not write and will not hang with the inscription the great. But to be unhappy you provided.

I will Say one thing, wine for men more disastrous than for women. No explanation of that is another topic.

What else is written in toxicity, humiliation and hatred. Great components for toxicity. Humiliation, similar to the blame, and humiliate you on the same principle. The fact is, you themselves have themselves humiliated, or considered that you are humiliated and then you can practice humiliation. But hatred is another matter. With hatred you can encounter, and it may not depend on you directly. Hatred is born in another, and splashed at close or fallen under the hand of man. That is, the person already was filled with hatred to the brim, the last straw and they all went streaming, and who next in order and flowing. Although there is another option, where do you bring the person to a state of anger, can be gradually, and can be intense. Any person will pass the nerves if they are long and hard to play, even the holiest. But we assume that you do not do anything, I just get unreasonably anger in his address.

Let's get into this and try to understand, because if you do everything in order to get a dose of hatred, then that's your problem. But still I think you're not doing anything specifically to hate. Then a question for you, and why you decided, what all the hate, all the negativity, all the anger that falls to you as a brick in the head, you have to tolerate or accept. Who told you that? You always have the choice to leave or to stay, to leave and not to absorb all the shit that you drained, or to remain and wrap around, and then to suffer. You always have a choice. So why do you choose to stay? Answer do it!

Then there is another sign of a toxic relationship. Exploitation or parasitism. That is, when one satisfies his needs through other resources. No matter whether it's sex, or food. It is a kind of the relationship of slave and master. And you know a slave may be the only one who was not master of himself. Feel the catch. No. Then, consider how your benefit to have one if you are a slave, and what's your benefit to have a servant, if you are the owner? So the question to ponder. Want, think, want, no, it is yours!

Tell me, do you have the feeling that I write so, what kind of relationship the onus is on one party, and the other is just by itself. Something has to change I need, and the other himself to change. And then you need to understand another important thing. Relationship is always the synergy of two people, if we are talking about a couple. And what will the relationship affect both. Just different having read clever books and realized that the relationship is toxic, who are fleeing to change in the first place, himself? Of course not, partner. Starting to teach him how to build a healthy relationship and of course you go away for a long time. And appears sure have a lot of confidence that the relationship is toxic 100% as the get on the head. And each time the thought comes that we need to end this relationship. May really need.

I will Say this, your relationship will end and so if you understand why you need such relations with such a partner, why you react so differently cannot, and will begin to change their behavior, reactions and thoughts. Maybe your relationship to razvalitsya, and maybe spill over into other quality. But we should start with ourselves, and not to throw all the responsibility on the other.

didn't want to write about it initially, but will have to write. Go to a psychologist and it is better for expensive, before you diagnose yourself, partner or relationships in General. It will save you money, health, and time.

sincerely, Prudky A. N.

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