Токсичность – проявление созовисимости. Исцеление от токсичности.

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you can Often find articles about how to get out of a toxic, destructive relationship, how not to fall under the influence of energy vampires, manipulation how to move away from a dependent, criticizing people, how to defend and patch up their borders. One day I will write about it.

But what if you realize that you are toxic, inhibitory, criticizing and breach with feet the boundaries of others is a sociopath with bloated pride?

Dedicate this note to the topic of healing from toxicity, sarcasm, envy and grumpiness. And divide it into two parts:

1)deep and honest. The result

2)for the lazy, tired, infantilejust you and me, ordinary people)))

Option # 1

  • Recognition of that fact – well, just very healing. But don't brag about this valuable and getnamespacename insight-awareness of everyone. As despite, neraspredeleniya , such recognition is adequately adequately assess his every surrounding. Besides we are all human and we all have hard times generating sweetness and nereshennost. At such times, not out of malice, but rather from the pain the other person can prick to your hurts at the most unexpected and inopportune moment. Because something more modest. To tell at this stage, while the spiritual forces are still not very much, only older, reliable man to consult, as we now have.
  • do Not fold stick in samogonovarenie, and a better start to track the moments in which all this song starts to join you and live my life. Awareness gives a ton of freedom. As neurotic mechanisms of how are not much aware and live their lives on automatic. And our bodies as if programmed – op and I could not resist, blurted out some caustic stuff, or opened the door with his feet. Mindfulness helps to SEE how it happens - in the first stage. In the second phase to stop themselves. And in the third stage to consider the pain and frustration behind these scenarios is the automation (you don't think you are a evil worm just so, so bad and want to shit around the world)))))). In the fourth stage of finding a more healthy forms of contact.This is actually quite laborious. Jewelry, as we talked about in training circles. And she is very good in the sessions at the psychologist - psychotherapist. Within a few hours you can discover and develop through professional feedback and support. (Welcome to the consultation – personal or Skype)
  • Helps of course environment is developed people that their lives are the true values of love, purity, morality, goodness, development, health, environmental and all higher. Read the book "Two lives" - the sense of touch to high, not long to wait for itself.
  • And even helps the so-called "own life". Take care of your life. Goals, plans. And immediately life pooltest all the sharp corners, down to earth, to cause to cry and repeatedly fascinated and disappointed. And will appreciate its true value and a beautiful, healthy, sincere relationships. Or just relax.
  • Work with self-esteem. Or rather, as says one me dear guru, Sasha, Boguk, change self-esteem on sense of SELF. For toxicity, malignancy and azonosito complexes, envy, greed. Lack of implementation, lack of success. And as a result the desire to take revenge on the world for what they have, and I don't. And there really is love.
  • Dolomite itself, and dolerite love. Item seamlessly flowing from the previous one. Or rather the previous one more because of this. Because the inner emptiness not replace any realisation. Because love cannot be earned. Love is what we are either opened or closed. Just one day something happened that you lost, remained under-loved in this world. The time to start filling that void. The truth will warn you – this will hurt. Because first you have to meet this void.
  • Cleansing. If there is aggression, toxicity, neolobites neudovletvorennosti, charges, claims, jealousy – then there is resentment. And pain. Will pochettes from resentment, unfinished Gestalt. The book "Radical forgiveness", all forms of "letters of grievances".
  • get ready for a new life! Resources, boundaries and risks. To begin to live need to take the risk. To go into the unknown, unpredictability, confusion, and the spiritual-emotional-mental-physical power resources. Accumulate resource before venturing.
  • Dream) because It is very important to dream to clean head. Without envy, sambucifolia. Set short-term, achievable and enjoyable goal.
  • Enjoy. Allow yourself to it.

In General, as you understand, no end.... But don't despair. There are short options. Choose the most pleasant.

Option # 2

  • Sign up for a lineup or in a group to kosovskih. Let qualified people will put your problem and will help to enter the deep, for authenticity.
  • Draw or sculpt. Just take everything and draw: taxicera, healthy, happy, all the people being sarcastic, which vampirica those who vampiric you, your very toksichnosti, your resentment, love is not enough, but I want, love you want to give to another, themselves filled with love, blank, himself realized, his anger, his guilt and shame, their dependence, their confidence and uncertainty, its obleceni, loved ones and friends. By the end of this practice you have 10-20 of these drawings or figures from clay. Lay them, take a look. Listen to the heart – what I want to do with it. Do not rush to throw away and burn. Live it all.
  • Just accept yourself as is. Recall the paradoxical theory of change (my favorite – it works wonders, no less!) After some time comes the calm. And behind them, and the love of ourselves. So you begin to think soberly and adequately – this will be a good resource for any questions you may have. Without my prompting.

that's all For now. Wish all the authenticity, peace and love. Hug. And of course, open to cooperation with those who need help and support.

Believe that everything is always going well.

Zinchenko (Kotenko) Maria Vladimirovna
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