Токсичные отношения. Любовная аддикция. Статья с психологическим тестом.

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Very often people suffer from a relationship. Now even a new term "toxic relationship", but you have to remember that one of the reasons the so-called toxic relationship is a love addiction


Love addiction – this is a painful expression of human love. Love addiction gains power over people with low self-esteem, poor perception of self, negative self-relation. In childhood these individuals have difficulty with the designation of personal boundaries in communication, it is not easy to distinguish in the relations of the own frame.

This regards the theoretical part. In practical terms, it is very difficult to diagnose psychological deviation from the norm, which is very difficult to recognize.

many people still live with this addiction, not perceiving it as something deviant, suggesting that this is true love.

There are well defined symptoms, which can significantly reduce the quality of life of a person suffering from love addiction.

  1. Constant circulation of thoughts about the partner. It's hard to focus on something else. If there's a conflict, the intensity of the thoughts can increase.
  2. Very often Your partner affects the plans, I have them dramatically, which affects your success, time, etc.
  3. you get the strong feeling that your relationship is paramount and the meaning of Your existence.
  4. the Toxicity of Your relationship is so great that everything else starts falling apart. For example, relationships at work.
  5. are You 100% sure that Your partner only thinks about You and more not than not busy.
  6. After the development of Your relationship you have no other classes.
  7. the guilt never leaves You, (something not so told, did).
  8. You do not feel comfortable, if not a confirmation of Your love.
  9. You are willing to trust the opinion of a partner 100%.

While the main tool was developed by Yegorov And, Professor, doctor of psychological Sciences recognized specialist in the study of dependencies.

Test to detect love addiction. Consists of 40 questions and is quite accurate (assuming sincerity) can show “toxic” love relationship.

take the TEST

Results can be viewed by clicking on the link after filling out the tests and finding the owl's name in the table.
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