Тому, кто идет со своим светом, можно не бояться темноты


the one who goes with his light, can not be afraid of the dark.

This adage got me thinking, and was the subject of the article.

What is this darkness? It's fear, fear of loneliness...And, as a consequence, dependence on others...the search of the eternal Savior, the one who will close, who cares. Anyway, will be present in life, and to save from fear, from loneliness, saved from life itself.

the Loneliness... it's just unbearable... how is it to be alone? After all, it's not life.... From loneliness to run, to escape, no matter where and to whom. In relationship to dissolve in each other to not quit, to guess his desires and to fulfill them; or conversely, to be a tyrant and a despot to humiliate the other, to fear left and was there.

to run to work, loading the different urgent matters and its indispensability as a very conscientious worker, but there is still this weekend...better yet work, work, work , though unloved, but important, need to forget , dissolve it... it's not so dark....

escape to the fun – the so-called surrogate happiness, because dark and scary to make any light, even artificial, but let this not be heat and give heat ... well ... it's not scary, at least for some time. You can exhale and take a breath... to then again freeze in fear.

to Run things ... to surround the others with their care, their participation, their usefulness, importance...to strangle its very hot heat, which wants to break free. But not terrible, help others, forgetting about themselves, about their feelings, desires, and cease to desire. to want, let others you want, but I, I'll wait , I don't rush, and who I am...

to Flee, to run away in disease. Like something busy going to doctors, searching for some diagnoses, prescriptions, pills, and then struggle with the disease. And with all his strength, and cease to notice where the disease, and where life, all mixed together... there is something to do, and again to escape from the darkness.

escape to an empty and meaningless communication, endless phone calls, social media, or real communication, empty, not what the clock on the debt... but not alone.. like the people spoke... joined the society. And again an escape from darkness.

From the darkness to flee, to escape, to disappear, to hide , to sit, to be in the house. And she still is, and will remain, and it's kind of a given.

At one extreme darkness, the other light. Two sides, two opposites. One cannot exist without the other.

What is light? It's love, return, life itself, bearing in itself. Filled with light, then:

to be my own best friend;to admit that such imperfect, because nobody's perfect, say to yourself "I'm all right".

I Have my own peculiarities, their traits, habits and I...

Other people are not perfect, they too have their habits, their peculiarities, anyone can I like, don't like someone, so do I, can someone like, someone not...

someone from our roads and paths converge for many years, with someone I'm not on the road, and someone passed only moments of the way.. and with someone I have yet to meet and idealise.

I am a wonderful, good person in itself, and I don't need to gain cheap prestige, don't need to bust my ass to make someone like or someone to be my eternal Savior and saving me from life itself... I do not need..

I can, want and will live my life and rely on yourself.

you Can develop, grow, and learn at their own pace , to take what I need and willingly shares with others – sharing his light... his warmth.

Light is at all different ... someone he is bright, and visible from afar, someone he starts to flare up, and someone is barely noticeable, barely , and still is, your light, one that warms, the one that lights the way.

the one who goes with his light, can not be afraid of the dark.

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