Тони Роббинс виновен?

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On the calendar, the twentieth of September, and the Internet is still periodically "giving birth" new views on the Tony Robbins seminar, held on 1 September.

Tony Robbins the self-help guru, coach, trainer, in short, a very successful man who is willing to teach everyone the rules of life, leading to success and balance. But to teach is not free, but for quite a lot of money because he believes that cheap means not rated.

what is the problem here? Or, in the language of young people, why do farts burn and many who attended the seminar, and even more those who have not visited.

the Area, where Tony Robbins is very specific. Lifecoaching, or how to be happy and successful. A very broad field, where everyone will find something. To say there is something radically new and original is very difficult. So Tony accused that he "sprinkles" platitudes. But wait, did any person help practice saying something new? Except for "new" clients come? No, they come for what happens in contact with a psychologist. Same here, Tony is the living embodiment of success. Bright, charismatic speaker. He who seeks shall find exactly.

moreover, his books and speeches are in the public domain. And those who are "disappointed" in Tony, most likely just too lazy to prepare. Or waiting for a miracle. But we do it, colleagues do not know about this phenomenon)

speaking of colleagues. Okay, when not psychologists complain about and resent about the seminar, they say sad, no magic. Surprising colleagues who maintain such sentiments. They say that there Robbins, babbler!

And then burn the bunch I already have. To me this situation is reminiscent of the miniature", the state Duma and gays" - in Russia there are no problems , except for propaganda of homosexuality. And psychological community no problem , except Tony Robbins.

are You serious?

This is when people with no education come to counseling?

Or when people with degrees (they burn in a psychological hell)) the climb in spirituality and present it as the norm right here, under your nose?

Or, when our "vaginal fairies" teach women to be women, in terms of sacred knowledge?

Or when the psychologist is willing to promise everything if only to attract clients for consultations?

Or when people not related to Philology and journalism, suddenly discover their own talent and teach courses in "writing" skill?

These little problems? Or that Tony Robbins is the only problem?

Oh, everything)

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