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He genuinely tried their lust for lofty sentiments, faintheartedness — for the artistic nature of impermanence, laziness philosophical calm. His mind, vulgar in their attempts at finesse, seeing everything in a slightly exaggerated form, vaguely, through the gilded haze of sentimentality. He lied, not knowing what was lying, and when others reproached him, saying that the lie is beautiful (S. Maugham, "of human bondage").

does the talent and creative organization of the person is required finesse? Are there people with fine mental organization or is it a myth, and in fact we are talking about unrequited love, injury, immaturity, weak, maladjustment to life, lack of stamina and a large number of complaints.

Try to go back. Exactly where there is refinement and that it hurts?

childhood of sophistication hurts when the child compares with others and use the templates. Sophistication hurts the secondary, and then higher education keen on the result and evaluation. Any commitment, the particular struggle associated with harming the refinement.

False sophistication related to education style. In this case, it turns into a mannerism and panache. Education refinement creates a false identity.

Refinement of the harm saveconnect strong feelings, mono idea, strong feelings, hunger, anxiety and tension in the body. Refinement hurt any extremes and the need to survive.

Refinement harms not only hunger, but also the lack of resources of any other kind, for example, emotional make-up. Sophistication provided a plethora of information, feelings and sensations. Is prestimulate - a disease of people who watch TV, serverout on the Internet, go to soccer, eat a lot, and so forth

Refinement coarseness hurts.

Eight-year-old son, the mother conceals a three-story Mat. So was talking to her her ex-husband and her current. There is a rudeness directed at the person outside. And along with this arises the question of why she allows it to be?

let's Say she wants to meet with a counselor 5 times a week. Are willing to pay money and in addition to "please" his short skirt. I did not ask if she's rude, insisting on such an intense relationship? Not if she plans to castrate a psychologist man, seducing him with money and sexuality?

the Case is fictional and collecting, only to speculate. Behind her willingness to be used? In our opinion, the lack of refinement.

does the sophistication with femininity in the classic sense of femininity as subtlety, tenderness, gracelessly. Not necessarily a thin woman can be just as rough and sharp as the women are overweight. And full of elegant woman with its warm allure and charm can be quite refined.

Can a man need to be updated? of Course, but not the fact that his subtlety would mean his virtue. History is full of examples of murderers and fiends with nervous refined structure of the soul - Nero, Robespierre, Dzerzhinsky, Goebbels... Sophistication men connected with his female qualities, which sometimes take the form of artistic taste, sometimes hysteria, sometimes of both.

still, the subtlety was somehow related to kindness and compassion - again, qualities traditionally characteristic of women. So, refinement is an ethical category?

In our opinion no. Just charity and moral lays the Foundation for refinement. br>
the Finesse usually associated with the sensitivity and sentimentality, but it is associated not only with feelings. Refinement may be thinking and feeling. In hard to reach that ideal refinement associated with all functions of consciousness simultaneously.

In reality, it is difficult to imagine a person refined around.

Thin the intuitive type can be rough, when obsessed with the feelings or just a decent slut. People with well-developed thinking, Western thinking, it may be completely insensitive and emotionally stupid. A sensitive person can think of a template and rough. Feeling the thin skin between all tones and semitones, the taster may be underdeveloped in terms of features and changes - of all that concerns the future. br>
the Finesse is given by Nature and in this sense, we are all more gifted than animals similar to us in size. Sophistication is associated with a long period of helplessness of a human baby.

of all the definitions of subtlety to the understanding of this phenomenon as a measure of the ability to be moderate and balanced.

Feeling balanced thinking - thinking makes sense refined, exquisite. Thinking balanced feelings and we do not see a cracker with a computer and cognitive schema, and thinking and feeling person. Experience are intuition and it turns out the person who sees beyond what is on the plate, understands that although its shirts and is closer to the body, but it is not the most valuable in this world. A developed intuition becomes human, if one can be grounded in the here-and-now and enjoying the moment.

Finesse is a sense of security, the opportunity to be open to new and receptivity.

Willingness to accept - to see, to feel, sense or in a word to see. Including the unusual aspects of life and shadow quality, no matter how unpleasant they may be. Finesse is the ability to notice the nuances, slowly move to generalizations. The ability to listen and to hear.

a Short practice to consolidate the topic: "From rudeness to refinement".

In nouns that significant? What you see on the avatars here on any other forum or website?

Face - face - face - mug - face - face - face?

if It is of the essence, and if life, then we need a verb, for example, about the relationship with food. Again in the same sequence from rudeness to refinement:

Hawala - smack - to eat - to swallow - to eat - eat - eat out - to eat - to eat - to eat - to taste.

Sergey Dremov
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