Too lazy to learn about how to fix this situation


For his practice, psychologist and mom, the phrase "do not want to learn" I have heard of children N number of times. To the question: "Why?" are of different age, character, abilities of the children said it was boring. I have to say about the abilities: no, stupid or not talented children, is simply not disclosed talents and not the correct approach. So...when it comes to laziness: too lazy to listen to the teacher or parents and get to the heart of learning, doing homework, sit in the classroom etc.
And you know what I saw and understood: no such qualities as laziness. Laziness is lack of motivation. If the child will understand WHAT he learn, he will benefit from it eventually, then there will be a big chance that he will change the temper justice with mercy in respect of the study. But it is important! to convey this information to him in his baby language, and not from the perspective of our adult reasoning and tediousness. br>
the Second key point is INTEREST.How to interest? First you need to see which method of information perception in a child presenter. Someone better understands and remembers hearing someone visually, someone needs to touch and manipulate objects. Here it is possible to connect his Hobbies and interests. Here is an example from my life: when my son was just about to go to school, we started to teach him to read. He resisted. But he has a very strong love for cats. Then I began to buy his encyclopedia about cats, books about cats, cat we went..Cat boom.)))At the moment he is in the 3rd grade, he has beautiful technique and speed in the intonation and expression, and most importantly he loves to read. br>
in conclusion, I will tell you about the third key point in addressing school issues in the form of an experiment conducted by American psychologist Carol Duke, which studied the effect of PRAISE on students of primary school age. (praise is the subject of a separate article, which I somehow write))
So, some children were praised only for the correct result of the tasks, others were praised and the desire for a positive result. After a series of studies, the difference in the behavior of children became apparent. Children from the second group began to make efforts and undertook the solution of high complexity tasks. Children from the first group, obviously trying to choose tasks of lower complexity, in order to ensure that you receive the praise. br>
If the family, whether in Russia or in another country, children are praised only for the result, most of such behavior of parents fear generates avoidance of failure, not the desire for success, and for one and a metaphor for life: "On bezrybe cancer and fish." If you want such a future for their children? I think the answer is obvious. You're wise parents.

enjoy Learning together with their children close to or in support of, and belief in their power.

Julia Kolomiets
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