ТОП—3 вещи, которые тебя разрушают


If you want to have a great life, if you want to live a happy life — live your life! Love yourself and your life, follow your desires, go your ways and have no time to think about what other people will think. Below are the top 3 things that prevent us to enjoy life in General. Happy reading ;)

1⃣Follow foreign interests.
When you don't take responsibility for your life, life takes the reins of control into their own hands. If you don't know what they want and go with the flow, it is not surprising that one day you will overtake depression and the feeling that you're a loser. Often think about what it is YOU want and how you see yourself and your future in 5-10 years.
2⃣ High strap

Put a super cool goal, and ultimately disappointing after a week? No energy, no motivation to wish fulfillment? And the thing is that too big ambitions decided to implement a year when other people like reach within 5 years. Of course you can be lucky and be one of the first, but how hard you all got? How much health left for the race championship? Really evaluate your current situation and your capabilities, set small goals for each day, week, month, year. Don't forget to rejoice in that which has been already achieved and move on. Further – more.
3⃣ Lack of discipline

if you Saw a man who was able to lose 1 day of sitting on the diet? But I am not. The great power of thought to help, but only the actions of everyone in the hands and feet. Doing today, and tomorrow – don't want to. After a time, desire less, respectively, and the results too. Save here only "Mrs. discipline." Waking up in the morning or going to bed, ask yourself the question "what I can do in order to be one step closer to my dream?". Write down mini-goals in a notebook and refer to the end of the day/week completed ones. Write more and again re-read its objectives – this will help you get inspired and move forward. Reward yourself and stay the course. Good luck to everyone!

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Ovcharenko Tatiana
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