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  1. is This normal?
    All that does not cause harm to the person, others, not violate the law - the norm. The girl has confessed his bisexual inclinations, the man loves small dogs, not Rottweilers powerful, etc. they All share a personality. Everyone is entitled to their Hobbies, preferences, sexual orientation. Its a comfortable life for him. Partners like BDSM and that's fine. They did not call you to bed with me :)
  2. How can I change him/her/them?
    in any Way. If the advice came from you, work with you: your reactions, behavior, attitudes, emotions, etc. Why are you so worried about? What did you have? The surrounding like a mirror begin to change, work on yourself, will change their behavior.
  3. Tell me what to do? Don't know :) . No one knows what YOU do except you. Together we can look at the situation from different angles, circumstances, but the final decision to accept you. Your life is your choices⚖
  4. Can you give me advice? No! The Council is imposing its opinions. Sometimes I can give you a recommendation and you decide to run or not, suits you or not, how it responds to you. Sometimes (if asked), to say what I would do in a given situation. But I am me, with your experience, personal characteristics, boundaries, rules. You have a completely different story, a different past experiences, available information. You may be different. Absolutely. And that's fine. Cm. item 1
  5. do you give guarantees? Advice, work with a psychologist is the responsibility of both client and psychologist. And the result, the outcome of the consultation depends on your involvement, attitude, openness, willingness to accept and process the information. To give a 100% guarantee - means to be overly confident. But I'm sure that people before the consultation and after - it is different people. The experience puts an imprint on you as a person. Only each has its own strength imprint.

And finally, I note, I think the desire to ask questions and get answers, the beginning of the desire to change.

Valentina Erofeeva
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