Топ-6 способов отдохнуть, если не получается поехать в отпуск


the Rest is voluntary. Want, take, want - to work. But mom and did are no days off. So I always read about the need to recover. br>
this year my vacation out a little. From the work psychologist, not from working mom) is Usually a vacation for me is a change of scenery. I rest when traveling, go somewhere, meet new. But this year didn't manage to go on a trip. But the holiday was a success. And today I want to talk about what you can fill your time to have a good rest at home. And to dispel the myths about what

- it is impossible to relax if you stay at home
- no ability to relax, as the terms of the children (or child)
I don't want to stay, I'd settle for less

I once again want to dispel your doubts: it's not! Always and everywhere you can find opportunity to rest and relax.

Here you have simple ways which will help you to relax, whatever the time of year. br>
to Walk in places where you are daily and routinely do not walk. Write a list of places you wish to visit in advance, and when given the opportunity, are happy to go there.

- Prepare what you are not prepared. I suppose that for many people, vacation is about to eat. You can find simple and tasty dishes, or conversely, to cook complex meals if you like cooking and preparing food is your personal thing. Another option is not to cook at all and use a reputable delivery! A great vacation option and switching.

- Secure your meeting with people you have not seen. Whether an old friend or someone else. Reconnect, remember old times. Return to past joy – always a resource, even twice! br>
- See movies that've been meaning to see, to visit exhibitions, museums, events in a normal rhythm is not enough time. br>
you may Entrust children to some of the relatives, invite the babysitter to visit and spend time with my husband. And for you and for kids are a great change of scenery. br>
- think about your Hobbies and what you previously brought pleasure, but now it was not possible to do this. If you want to do now? If so, what you can do in order to get to do this? br>
it seems to Me that it's not all opportunities and life hacks on how you can relax without going on vacation, and staying almost always with children. br>
Remember, all the difficulties usually come up with ourselves. And when it seems to us that with children it is impossible, usually it is only our fears. Really worth a try and all seems not so difficult. br>
how do you relax? What helps you recover?

Relax. Recover. Save your strength. Regardless of a parent you are or not! br>
With new views and ideas on holiday, psychologist Oksana Gracheva

Grachev (Vasiliev) Oksana Olegovna
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