Топ-8 любовных отношений, которые обречены на провал.


Love and relationship is not just physical intimacy and emotions, it is also very hard work on yourself.

to Start a similar relationship can be listed in the list, but to end this relationship will not work a Happy End.

- If one of the partners dislikes the other. Man not love a woman who didn't like previously. But if a man loves a woman and she is not. Maybe get relationship, with good development, but it is not the ideal start to a relationship.

- If there is no feelings, but there is a cold calculation. Grow into love with time and courtship from men. But no more. As a woman loves the potential, but not the man. These relationships will continue as long as man can spend our energy on this woman.

- Rescue. Of feelings of pity, compassion. Salvation does not lead to happiness. Relationships should be built, but not charity.Since this scenario is not healthy, it takes its roots from the childhood lifeguard.

- Love for external components. Physical appearance, car, house, etc. a Man is attracted to physical appearance, it is the norm. But if he chooses a woman as another attribute, then a healthy relationship can not be built. These relationships are temporary, as a new fashion accessory. The deadlock occurs when a woman is confined to only these components.

- Rush. When the raw things to another stage ahead of time. Possible not a planned pregnancy, or emotions quickly got married. When it was good, but there is a recession. Happiness is already there. And the more applied forces to save the relationship, the outcome is fatal. In this case.

- Repeats the same scenario. Or a continuation of the previous successful relationships. When the relationship give birth to the evil ex(s). Or decide that you need to completely change type, as the blond was not lucky, so lucky with the brunette. The essence is the same, people change, but the way relations do not change.

- a Choice not available partner. a Married man,or a woman living very far away. Or when not paying attention. For example, a man in love and trying to get one that still. And there are a lot of women who dream about it man, but he does not notice them. The same common example, when a woman is overwritten years with a man who is busy, but the woman thinks they're together. A fairly common scenario, both in men and women.

new storm. When you do not have a relationship, after a divorce, the partner threw, etc. Instead of having to relive the trauma to heal trauma, to be with yourself, reflect on your mistakes and just live for myself about a year old. People rush into a new relationship. They hurt, broken, they need support. And then turn on the rescuers, see the paragraph earlier. But it is not the healthy beginning of a relationship, but substitution treatment.

that's all, take care of yourself and build healthy relationships.

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Mahnova Eugene
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