the Idea of a shared Unconscious from analysant and Analytics, and then pop-up in the psychoanalytic literature (see, for example, Ogden, or the Casement, or Kernberg), though not all supported my comments as correct.

Repeatedly caught myself on the fact that cast the therapist as if "just" is, ultimately, not "just" occurred. It may reflect the hidden dynamics analysant and add some important component that the analysand ignored, pushed and suddenly caught, heard review analyst.
the same goes for fantasies occurring in the mind of the therapist, while the patient is silent - sometimes it is amazing how these fantasies coincide with what the patient begins to speak a few minutes later.

Or, for example, setting the customer - and all he "perfectly" rationally explained and smoothly built - not to undermine at all. But, listening to him, I feel some inexplicable sadness and longing in the soul. For me it's the exact signal - man expels sadness and isolated from all unpleasant experiences.
About the same is the case with other emotions.

However, the question arises: how to distinguish what is GENUINE analysant and projection analyst?! How can you be correct? How not to turn into a comical character suffering from impotence psychoanalyst who in the statements of all analizando hears complaints of impotence, frigidity and sexual dissatisfaction? It's a problem...

Too arrogant reliance on his own vision of the dynamics of the patient can play a cruel joke with the analyst and make it work poorly. On the other hand, the only way to understand another is to understand it yourself...

it has been correctly observed by those involved in questions of hermeneutics, any interpretation is doomed to be approximate... the Question and the challenge: how to avoid unnecessary approximations, and are too free "translation"?

this, apparently, is the skill of the physician - the skill that we hone all their professional life.

Chuchua Svetlana
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